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    D. capensis, d. capensis 'alba'

    Hey I have some excess of D Capensis, D Capensis 'Alba'. If Anyone is interested, contact me in the several ways possible. Jim
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    My poor petiolaris

    I think my D. petiolaris has gone into a dormancy, or it is slowly dying, but it is were dying I think it would have been dead by now since the plant has been in this stage for about some 4/5 months now. It went from a lush softball size rosette, to a pygmy like rosette, with small dainty leaves...
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    This is pretty neato~

    Over the summer and parts of the summer I becamed occupied with alot of my school, and over the summer work has taken alot of my time away from other things, and tha ggrivating thing is it took time away from my plants. Anyways, I really like how this place is evolving, its amazing fabulous! I...
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    D. petiolaris

    Hermm Well after reading so many sources for information on the propagation of the D. Petiolaris and gaining knowledge that this species is a toughie to propagate... i wonder how do people propogate the plant in mas quantities to whole sale the plants... through TC techniques? Also, in the wild...
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    Proper burial for mr. fishy

    Well one of my fish died just about 2 days ago, so i tought "Hermmm i could flush him down the toilet, throw him outside, FEED HIM TO MY CATS, or OR i could feed him to my N. khasania Yes YES and so... i did. i wouldnt recommend it thought as for it is making an odor in my greenhouse but i think...
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    There is nothing like...

    Yep.. my most humble place that will be this winter is going to be my greenhouse... As for i just added the heater so it now stays at a constant temperature above 70'f and its funny as for i go outside int he moringing usually and it is cold and im all thinking"AHHHGGG IM ******* COLD!!!" and...
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    U. biloba

    Would anyone have the time to tell the growing codnitions for the U. biloba? any help would greatly be appreciated... Cya laters Jim
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    U Radiata flowering question

    I am just in wonder at when my U Radiata will bloom? as for ive had it for about 5 months now and still nothing is looking like it is producing any kind of sign of bloom. So is there some kind of stimulate i shoudl giev the plants to make them go crazy and bloom?? LOhell Cya laters Jim
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    Am i Muh-tarded

    i can seem to remember a time, when i coudl find the chat room... but then a couple of months ago the forum went through an update... and things moved around... and so, i got all confused of the where abouts of the forum? I miss chattin abotu cp's :'( But anyways, Cya laters Jim
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    George W bush...

    it really makes me sad that we have a president that is promoting logging in our national forests.... for a reason such as Quote on him " Logging will promote less under growth, and lower forest fire levels" Yah... right... from what i have seen here in Indiana Logging in dense forests just...
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    Companion for Aquatic Utrics

    ya, so i am goign on my second week of having a male beta fish, in my densly populated, 10 gallon tank full of U Rediata, and he seem to e doing the plants more benifit other than harm... he seems to clear up algae problems that i had in the past... and he seem so much more happier in the 10...
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    Hummm... Info?

    hey i was always wondering if P. Cyclosecta is a tropical or subtropical, or basically i am aksign if it requires a dormancy... and i am also wondering about my P. Emarginata's how exactly to enduce there dormacny and how long it shoudl generally last? Any Help would be EXTREMELy, Happily...
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    N khasania BLOOMING!

    Hey Everyone, My N khasania is blooming for the first time, and i do believe it is a She, not ofr certain yet but for the shape of the buds are in a Femalish shape, but i was wondering if there is any Nep Pollen floating around out there, and was wondering, what i coudl give to get some of it...
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    ya... sigh i dont knwo what to do, ive tried isolating the plants... used pesticides... which was my last resort.. sigh sothign is just cutting my plants up, they just cut new developing pitchers off, or cut pitchers hoods off... and they dont even have the reespect to Eat the parts the cut off...
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    Grafting with Nepenthes?

    Hermmmm.... i wonder if there have been any success with grafts with nepenthes, works well with cacti and trees.. and well nepenthese do have a sort of fleshy stem that i wouldnt know why it wouldnt work??? Anyone Try it? Cya laters Jim
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    what should i do?

    My N. Khasania is developing quite a stem on it, and i was wondering if people would advise for me to cut it off and root them, or let it grow into a long vine so that is can savagely Strangle me during my sleeping hours? muhhahahahahahah.... hermm.. choices choices.... right now it is about ohh...
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    P. Emarginata Blooming! **Happy**

    but anyways i am really happy as for this is my first ping bloom and im all really happy... and excited to see what it looks like just Somtign to Talk about i suppose, Cya laters Jim
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    Carbonated water for Co2 replacement?

    hey, i just thougth of something... Carbonated water or club soda, soemhting of that sort.. it basically water that is carbonized. and thous that is what the Co2 reactor does to the water it carbonizes the water soo... if i find pure carbonated water, i will attemp to make a very diluted mixture...
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    I feel good...

    I feel great, because as of yesturday i donated 3 capensis alba's, 2 binata T's, a P> cyclosecta, and a Vft to the elemenry school, for the wee little ones... has anyone done stuff like this before? i hope they stay alive but oh well if they dont i can always replace them :-D