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    Non-carnivorous "Donkey's Ear" (Kalanchoe species) plantlets

    Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone would be interested in some house plants but my donkeys ear plant has many many plant-lets on its leaves and I would like to trade some of them if someone is interested. These would all be small but healthy, I would say an inch across or smaller, but they...
  2. K

    Aji Pepper seeds

    I have some more Aji amarillo pepper seeds that I just harvested if anyone is interested shoot me a pm or respond here. If you are unfamiliar with these seeds the plants are pretty easy to grow and quite prolific in pepper production. These particular ones turn a nice orange-yellow when ready...
  3. K

    Aji amarillo pepper seeds

    Anyone have any interest in some Aji amarillo pepper seeds? These peppers are my personal favorite when it comes to hot peppers and there are many ways to use them mostly in sauces though. I have 20-30 seeds that I am willing to part with as I have planted all the seeds I want already. THese...
  4. K

    Anyone grow Aji Peppers?

    I know a carnivours plant forum is a strange place to ask this question, but does anyone have experience growing aji (Capsicum baccatum) peppers? I had many a variety of these while I was in Peru a summer ago and they became my favorite hot peppers, however, I have not been able to locate a...
  5. K

    Aquapods vs. Nano cubes

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting a small saltwater tank (12gal) for a few fish and have seen that Aquapod and Nanocubes both have one of that size. They look nice because they have everything contained in the hood making it less work in theory. I am wondering if anyone has experience...
  6. K

    Anyone good with SPSS

    I know this is a strange place to ask but is anyone good with SPSS. I am trying to run some stats for my thesis and I cant remember how to compare the periods like I want to. I have about 10 time periods as one variable and I want to go through and do Chi-square comparing two of the time...
  7. K

    Second Node started growing

    I have a ventrata cutting that has been growing quite well for me lately. About 2-3 weeks ago there was a small hail storm that I didnt expect (it was almost 40 out) and this hail caused the new developing leave to blacken. That leaf has since split and started growing a new green leaf that...
  8. K

    How Cold is too cold for ventrata?

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of small ventratas from cuttings that are quite happy out on my porch and I am wondering when I should start worrying about low temps. The lowest temp I see in the long term forecast is 42 is that too cold or can they take colder temps as long as they stay above...
  9. K


    I recently recieved two rooted cuttings of N. 'ventrata' and have noticed that one of them appears to have small white clusters on its leaves. I examined them under a 10x hand loop and they are wispy and dont appear to be insect eggs. Does this sound like mold and should I be concerned. Could...
  10. K

    Back from Peru

    I am back from Peru and got all of my pictures uploaded for anyone who is interested. I spent about a month in Peru and it was amazing even though I spent most of my time doing research and didnt get to see anything up in the high lands. I didnt put up my pictures of all of the points and...
  11. K

    Anybody Good with Latin

    Salve, Ok I know a plant forum probably isnt the most productive place to ask this, but is anybody good with latin. I have a problem from an archaeology text book that lists ad mortem trauma as one of the characteristics of a set of skeletal remains. What does ad mortem litterally translate...
  12. K

    Outside all year in Texas?

    So I moved down here to Texas, San Marcos to be specific, to go to school in August. Now that I am nice and settled I was thinking of expanding my plant collection beyond the VFTs that I have and was thinking I would like a nice nep. I am wondering if there are any Neps that would do well...
  13. K

    Computer Question

    Ok I am looking for some advice on getting a new desktop computer since my last one's hard drive fried. I was wondering if anyone call tell me if I will get better performance out of a 3.0GHz standard processor or is the 2.0GHz Dual-Core processor will be better. Both of these chips are AMD...
  14. K

    Has this every happened to anybody else?

    So I am sitting in my apartment making a very important phone call when I hear a knock at the door. Seeing as it is sunday I couldnt think of anyone that would be knocking at my door that would be important so I just ignored it and continued with my phone call. I hear a second time of knocking...
  15. K

    Moving to Texas

    So I got into graduate school at Texas State University and I am going to move to Texas from here in Michigan in about 2 weeks. I will be living in San Marcos Texas (between Austin and San Antonio). I was wondering if anyone could tell me some plants that will do outside in hot fairly humid...
  16. K

    Kurt Vonnegut died

    I dont know if there are any other Vonnegut fans out there but this news saddened me. He will always be one of my favorite authors.
  17. K

    Finding good deals on Laptops

    So I am in the market for getting a laptop computer and am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a good deal. I have a pretty good idea of the features I wan in one now I am just looking for a place to find one that will give me the best deal. I remember there used to be a website that...
  18. K

    rosetta Stone language software

    I was wondering if anyone has tried Rosetta Stone language software. For what languages and is it worth the high price? I am looking to learn most likely Thai or Indonesian, not all that common here in Michigan. Did it take long to learn the language with this software? Any issues or...
  19. K

    How long do Betta's Live

    I was wondering if anyone knew about how old male bettas get. I still have the one I bought for my ex just over five years ago and he seems to be doing well still. He is active, eats well, and still tries to start a fight with me evertime I look at him. He keeps making bubble nests too which I...
  20. K

    Any Other Archaeologists Out there?

    I was just wondering if anyone out there shared my other love, which is Archaeology. If so what area's do you specialize in or have a great interest in. I personally want to specialize in South East Asian or pacific Island Archaeology. This is just a curious question. Ktulu