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    nepenthes ventrata stopped producing pitchers

    I'm going to be getting a small clip fan as well for better circulation. It can get pretty dry in here during the winter and I'd like to generate some airflow without having to open the vents and reduce the humidity. I'm pretty sure the slow-down was caused by me letting it get too dry when we...
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    nepenthes ventrata stopped producing pitchers

    First off, your post helped me confirm that the Nep i bought from a local garden center is indeed a Ventrata. It was from a non specialized source so of course it wasn't labeled. I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but here's some info about my setup that is having decent results. I got it...
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    Nepenthes villosa journal

    @MEOWorksCreative - can you give a little detail on the coffee fertilization; grounds or liquid / how much / how often ? I routinely add coffee grounds to my vegetable garden soil but I haven't heard of using it for fertilizing CP's. I've always been curious as to how to provide nutrients...
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    Hello from CT

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the tips. Both are very much appreciated. I'd really like to have these things longer than a year or two. Since today was chilly and rainy, I sat it outside for a bit and moved it into an unheated porch. Its looking like we're not going to have another frost...
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    Hello from CT

    Like a few other folks here, I'm just getting back into this after a few years. I'm easing back into it with a nice healthy Nepenthes Ventricosa; random find at a garden center that reminded me how much I enjoyed growing CP's. It enjoyed a very hot and rainy Connecticut summer hanging in the...