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  1. JB in Utah

    Bog Sarr Die Off

    So lately I've noticed something disturbing in my bog. After a strong start to the growing season, many of my plants seem to be suffering from untimely demises. This is my second year with the bod garden so I'm not sure what's wrong as the situation hasn't changed since last year with the...
  2. JB in Utah

    A quick update

    So I realized today that I haven't been on TF in a while, so I wanted to take few minutes to post a quick update about what I've been doing for the last 15 months, it's been quite busy. Around the time of my last post I had just graduated with my degree in Communications and was looking for a...
  3. JB in Utah

    Bog garden experiment, month 3

    Well, I finally got up the guts to try a Bog Garden this winter, it's nothing big but my sarrs needed a colder winter than the last few, and definitely got one this year. I got it all mulched and protected, but there is a little voice inside me saying that I'm doomed. I'm just going to ignore...
  4. JB in Utah

    Safety Of My Fertilizers For Foliar Feeding

    I just wanted to drop a quick line here to get some responses to confirm my own research: I have two different fertilizers that I wish to use for foliar feeding this year, please realize these are fertilizers I currently own for other plants and did not buy them just for CPs I will likely do...
  5. JB in Utah

    A moment of silence

    I cannot express in words how I feel today, 10 years have passed and I need not say anymore. This thread is my moment of silence to speak without ever saying a word aloud. :usa2:
  6. JB in Utah

    Ventricosa help

    Well, I'm stumped so far. One of my ventricosas' leaves have started to droop, they used to be very firm and healthy, now they seem weak and floppy/ by comparison - my cultivation techniques haven't changed, except the extremely cold air coming off my ac 24/7 This is clearly not normal. I...
  7. JB in Utah

    Inconsiderate People

    Some people are inconsiderate beyond belief. (Just venting a little to get it out of my system.) I went out to my garden this morning to find that my largest (8 foot plant) and first Sunflower bloom of the season had been lopped off by some passer-by (right after it opened no less)...
  8. JB in Utah

    Finally, Something Appropriate for Minors!

    I've been putting off taking pictures of my Heliamphora minor that I got last week and for good reason, for fate has helped me stumble across a Sarracenia minor. I found it at a nursery today, it is a mature plant with several growing points - it is also the largest sarracenia that I have ever...
  9. JB in Utah

    Stuffed Animals - err Plants

    If you could have a stuffed animal I mean stuffed CP, what would it be? I want to hear your thoughts. I personally would have a stuffed S. leucophylla and a stuffed N. truncata KoS to cuddle with me.
  10. JB in Utah

    NBA Draft Predictions. . .

    We'll know everything in a few hours, and I'm pretty stoked to see what the Utah Jazz come up with, they traded their souls and their best players away, if they screw it up then it's going to be rough season. I'm not a big basketball person (I only follow my team and no others) so I can't make...
  11. JB in Utah

    H. undecidedness

    If you're wondering why I picked this title, I don't know, it seemed fitting. So I decided that this year I am going to get either my first Ceph or first Heli, maybe both. I've read almost everything about the cultivation of these and I'm ready. My problem is that I can't decide what to get...
  12. JB in Utah

    Expansion Is A Double-Edged Sword

    I recently expanded my windowsill growing area from 384 square inches to 1056 square inches, nearly three times as large as the original area. This expansion has created much needed space for my collection to thrive and grow. It will not be long before I eventually acquire more plants to...
  13. JB in Utah

    Drosera arcturi

    So I've been doing some research on this species and I'm very interested in its alpine nature, I was wondering if anyone at TF is successfully growing it, I hear it's fairly difficult. I've already found cultivation threads, I'm just looking for any other useful information. Thanks.
  14. JB in Utah

    Unknown Nepenthes

    This is a Nep I picked up at Home Depot a few months ago, I know it's from Gubler's but I have no ID on it.
  15. JB in Utah

    Picture Day!

    So today I had some good weather and decided to take some pictures of my plants for record purposes (I do a catalog of my plants every fall). I also wanted to practice some more with photoshop, hopefully even dial-up won't have problems as I kept the file very small. If anyone wants to see...
  16. JB in Utah

    P. esseriana Question

    So I've already looked at a few threads about this particular ping, but they didn't help very much. My question is as follows: I have a very small P. esseriana that I've had for a year and it refuses to grow any larger than the 1/4 inch that it has always been. Does anyone have any...
  17. JB in Utah

    Need Pygmy ID

    So last year I got these plants from a seller who listed them simply as 'Pygmy Sundew' I was wondering if I could get an ID so I know I can know the name of this beauty.
  18. JB in Utah

    You'll either be completely for or completely against this. . .

    Okay, so I was minding my own business one day when I found this recipe, Enjoy: http://www.neofarmthailand.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=article&Id=105724&Ntype=6 If anyone is crazy enough to make it, I wanna know how it went.
  19. JB in Utah

    Windowsill Setup w/Pics

    Well, it took me a while to figure out how to get my pics up but I pulled it off. So, last year when the 'fever' set in, I tried to figure out the best way to grow CPs in my apartment, finally I concluded that the windowsill was the best option. This is all because of some nice early morning...
  20. JB in Utah

    What to do, what to do. . .

    Good News Everyone! So, today my 10 gallon aquarium started to show signs of a leak. In most cases I would cry, except I have been wanting a larger terrarium for a while. (Currently I have a 2.5 gallon, only holds like three plants, four tops.) So I decided to spend an Alexander Hamilton...