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    Flooded Cephalotus

    Some people like to grow Cephalotus in aerated, well drained soil, containing all sorts of materials. So, I decided to go quite the opposite, planting in an un-drained container (Christmas pudding tub), in pure peat and flooded on a weekly basis. I have been growing it this way since Autumn. I...
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    H. collina (Cerro Venamo) x H. minor var. pilosa (Cerro la Luna)

    First adult pitcher forming on H. collina (Cerro Venamo) x H. minor var. pilosa (Cerro la Luna)
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    H. collina(Venamo) × H. minor var. pilosa Cerro de la Luna

    H. collina(Venamo) × H. minor var. pilosa Cerro de la Luna juvenile pitchers showing some nice colouration.
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    Utricularia campbelliana growing on a car cleaning sponge

    A couple of years ago I wondered if a sponge could be used as a growing medium. Figuring that it was perhaps a little too 'sterile' I set about growing some moss on it. My U campbelliana had been multiplying well in a more traditional growing medium, which unfortunately started to succumb to a...
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    U. alpina tubers

    My U. alpina had made some rather impressive tubers:
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    Water Rooted Cephalotus in Hydroculture.

    Having water rooted a Cephalotus leaf, I placed it in a wood pulp product. I'm not sure that this can be strictly considered as hydroculture, but it's certainly not a traditional growing medium :grin:
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    Advise on rooting N. ampullaria cutting required.

    Hi, as the title says, I'm looking for some advise on rooting a Nepenthes ampullaria cutting. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Cephalotus f. 'Big Boy' Looking Affa Bonny

    I've noticed that my Cephalotus f. 'Big Boy' is looking affa bonny at the moment, so took a few pics...
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    Aberdeenshire, Scotland, bog visit

    I spent a wonderful afternoon exploring a couple of the local bogs here in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with a fellow UK CP grower. Here's a few pictures I took: We saw mostly D. rotundifolia: This was one of the few D. anglica we seen. They had a preference to grow directly on the peat...
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    Water rooting Cephalotus leafs?

    Has anyone here tried water rooting Cephalotus leafs? Some of us over on CPUK have tried with success. Basically, it involves placing a Cephalotus leaf pulling in a tub or zip lock bag containing deionised water, where it floats on the surface.
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    Cephalotus companion plant

    One of my Cephalotus pots has sprouted a fern and the Cephalotus seems to be enjoying its companion, with it growing quite fast and large.
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    H. minor taking a shower

    I rinse out my Heliamphora growing medium occasionally, so took a few snaps of my H. minor whilst doing so...
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    Does anyone coffee cephs?

    There seems to be lots of posts about using coffee as a fertiliser for Nepenthes, but not many on Cephalotus... anyone tried it and what was the results?
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    Heliamphora...what a difference light can make...

    I have a hardened H. minor, that grows happily outside of a terrarium and without any special humidity or temperature control. I have been growing it on a windowsill and last time I repotted I took a division off it and put it under one of my lamps, on my open grow shelf. Here's a comparison...
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    U. longifolia flower stalks early this year

    My U. longifolia typically puts up flower stalks in early spring and flowers throughout the summer, but this year it has started early. I've suspected that slightly warmer weather might be the flowering trigger, but this year has dispelled that theory, as it is the coldest it has been so far...