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  1. chloroplast

    NECPS Cookout with Stewart McPherson & Jeremiah Harris

    Hi all, The NECPS event with Stewart & Jeremiah Harris was a smash! The weather cooperated nicely and we visted two local CP bogs. Attendance was high, with over 60 members participating. Stewart signed and sold plenty of books and gave a remarkable presentation on newly described Nepenthes...
  2. chloroplast

    NECPS hosting Stewart McPherson !

    It's my pleasure to announce that the NECPS will be hosting STEWART MCPHERSON as a guest speaker at our annual cookout! Stewart McPherson is a world-renowned geographer, explorer, conservationist, and authority on carnivorous plants who has studied at the University of Durham in England, the...
  3. chloroplast

    NECPS Meeting--Saturday, November 8

    Hello all, The next NECPS meeting will be held on Saturday, November 8 at 12:30pm at the RWP Botanical Center, Providence, RI. There will be plants on display and a silent auction. The meeting program is: "Bog Cleaning." The bog has paid off in spades--the staff love it, visitors are amazed...
  4. chloroplast

    NECPS wins many awards at big Flower Show

    Hello friends and fellow NECPS members, I am pleased to announce that the NECPS bay window display won several prestigious awards at the 137th New England Spring Flower Show, which are: 1. FIRST PLACE (blue ribbon) among bay window displays. 2. NATIONAL GARDEN CLUBS MEDAL FOR HORTICULTURE: An...
  5. chloroplast

    5th Annual NECPS Carnivorous Plant Show

    The New England Carnivorous Plant Society (NECPS) will be hosting its 5th Annual Carnivorous Plant show on September 29-30, 2007. This year the Show will be located at the NEW Botanical Center at the Roger Williams Park, Providence RI. Plant lovers and those who enjoy something different will...
  6. chloroplast

    i cannot read

    Hello, Today, I am not able to read the topic titles in any of the forums because the topic field background is navy blue (and the topic text within it is gray/black). I would have posted this message in the topic on the website changes, but I can't find it (for the above reason). Hopefully...
  7. chloroplast

    bleach treatment to kill algae?

    Hello, I have stored rainwater for my plants in plastic jugs so that I don't run out during the winter. I just opened a jug and noticed some algae growing in the water. How can I rid myself of the algae? Would adding a small amount of bleach be useful? If so, how much per gallon or liter, and...
  8. chloroplast

    Drosophyllum seed

    Hi all, Finally, I found a method for germinating Drosophyllum lusitanicum seed under my growing conditions. Previously, I tried scarifying the seed, soaking in 500ppm GA3 for 24h, and placing them in a tube of distilled water (changed daily). I also tried scarifying them, soaking in 500ppm GA3...
  9. chloroplast

    Drosera peltata

    Hello, Some of my D.peltata seed recently germinated. The seedlings are ~3 months old (and are growing nicely) and the pot is sitting in water under good lighting/air circulation. After reading the old posts on this species, I have a few questions please: 1. Should the pot be sitting in water...
  10. chloroplast

    sarracenia seed

    Hello everyone, I have a S.purpurea ssp. purpurea that has a seed pod that has accidentally been on since last year. It has gone through a winter on the plant. I harvested the seed today and have two questions: 1. Is the seed likely to be still viable? 2. If so, does the seed require...
  11. chloroplast


    I just acquired a small drosophyllum (in 4" clay pot) and slack potted it. The smaller pot has some sphagnum moss in the drain hole to "wick" water into the smaller pot.   My questions are: How on earth is the plant supposed to push its roots into the larger pot through the small, partially...
  12. chloroplast

    petiolaris complex

    Hello everyone, What is your favorite potting mix to use for the petiolaris complex (d. paradoxa, broomensis, ordensis, etc.)? I've been thinking of using a 1:1 LFS:perlite mix, or perhaps pure new zealand LFS. Any thoughts as to whether this would work? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. chloroplast


    It's a little blurry, but here's a pic of some of my b.liniflora seedlings. I love how this species looks when it's small.   I have a few other byblis seedlings in other pots, but they're so small my digital cam can't take good pics of them. Man, the parent plant is prolific!
  14. chloroplast

    roridula gorgonias seed

    I sowed 8 R.gorgonias seed four weeks ago and all but one have germinated! WOO HOO! They haven't produced any true leaves yet....but I can wait patiently. Pics will follow once they've gotten a bit bigger--my camera can't seem to take good-quality pics of tiny objects. I'm thrilled!
  15. chloroplast

    Proboscidea louisianica seed

    I've scarified and soaked (24 h in 500ppm GA3) P.louisianica seed and am ready to sow them in 1:2 peat:perlite mix on a heat mat. Should the seed be placed on the surface of the medium or buried (and if so, at what depth)? Thanks.
  16. chloroplast

    Woo hoo!

    I am thrilled. In addition to my D.anglica and dielsiana seed which sprouted a few weeks ago, I've got some D. capillaris seed that just germinated.  A few of my P.lutea seed have also germinated!Woo hoo! To make things even better, my D.aliciae (which suffered a spontaneous die-back a few...
  17. chloroplast

    brochinnia reducta pups

    One of my B.reducta has produced two pups which are each ~2" tall. When should I remove them? For other bromeliads, I wait until they are between 3-4", but not sure if the same applies to these. Thanks,
  18. chloroplast


    I just read a disturbing report stating that the federal government plans on dumping old canisters of VX nerve gas into the Delaware River starting next year. They'll be dumping 10,000 gallons/day every day for 2 years. Supposedly, the government will contracting Dupont, Inc. to detoxify the VX...
  19. chloroplast

    D. anglica & dielsiana seed

    So I'm watching the Pats vs. Saints game right now at my place with a couple of pals (go Pats!) and a few minutes ago decided to check on my seed trays during a commercial. Much to my surprise and delight, the D.anglica and dielsiana seed I sowed FOUR months ago finally germinated. WHAT A DAY...
  20. chloroplast

    National mall arboretum

    I recently visited the Arboretum at the National Mall. It had an absolutely spectacular collection of plants, most in great shape. Unfortunately, I managed to find only 3 CPs in the entire collection--a VFT, S.purpurea, and unidentified nepenthes with every single pitcher dead. It would be...