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  1. JMurphy97

    Drosophyllum under lights

    Anyone grow these under lights for the winter or just use a window?
  2. JMurphy97


    I'm replacing my bulbs and have two options. They are both GE dalylight. One is T12 40 watts with 3050 lumens. The other is T8 32 watts with 2700 lumens. The package says that the T8 is 30 times brighter then the T12. Both are 65ooK and cri 75.
  3. JMurphy97

    Nepenthes "Black Knight"

    Have you changed it since then? If so have they got darker?
  4. JMurphy97

    Nepenthes "Black Knight"

    Yeah that is a nice plant but Im trying to get black so maybe the Nepenthes ramispina would be better. What are your lighting conditions? I'm growing under 4 40 watt cool daylight bulbs.
  5. JMurphy97

    Nepenthes "Black Knight"

    Does anyone have any idea if this gets to actually be back or dark purple. I'm not sure if I should get this or Nepenthes ramispina.
  6. JMurphy97

    New bulbs

    I plan on running about 6 so yeah 1500 lumens is a lot. I was just wondering if T8 is better or you pick more watts. Thanks a lot.
  7. JMurphy97

    The GrowLab GL145 indoor grow enclosure! (Bandwidth intensive!)

    That is a nice setup there. Now I might have to look in to trying to make one or just buy one. Maybe if you get a big enough one you can fit a freezer in and have it turn on at night cooling everything down.
  8. JMurphy97

    New bulbs

    I'm getting new lights for my grow chamber since my project is done, I have more space, and my others lights broke. So shopping bulbs around I found these two types. Which one would be the better bulb to get? T8 32 watts Lumins 2800 CRI 85 6500K T12 40 watts Lumins 3050 CRI 75 6500k
  9. JMurphy97

    A good protein skimmer

    I'm getting into reefs and read that a good skimmer is real important so I'm trying to find one. I need one for a 29 gallon but able to go up to maybe at 55 gallon. What you guys suggest?
  10. JMurphy97

    Highland Nep Grow space

    My day temps are into the 80's with humidity dropping into the 40's and my villosa has like 5 pitchers. Small pitchers, but 5 small pitchers.
  11. JMurphy97

    Highland Nep Grow space

    what is your cooling method?
  12. JMurphy97


    I repotted my truncata and I think it died on me.
  13. JMurphy97

    Some videos of Borneo Exotics' nurseries

    Awesome videos. Dude has to be making bank over there with all that. Awesome neps.
  14. JMurphy97

    Seed grown Nepenthes truncata x6.5 ellisonk001 $35

    17 This bid is obviously void... much lower that previous bids... Andrew
  15. JMurphy97

    What anti-virus/spyware do you use?

    An AVG scan took an hour and a half. Is that right?
  16. JMurphy97

    What anti-virus/spyware do you use?

    Whatever I use whenever it says scan for updates I let it do it so that won't be a problem. I think I'm gonna go with the ad-aware plus. It even scans the ipod and it's only $27.
  17. JMurphy97

    Mylar, Panda Film, reflective insulation, oh my...

    I went to target and got one of those emergency blankets for 3 bucks. Works great and it's huge!
  18. JMurphy97

    What anti-virus/spyware do you use?

    If I can get it free that's great, but if I have to pay that's fine too but I don't want to pay for a crap system. I did the AVG internet security for now but the scan is coming up on 26 minutes so far. Plus what do you do after the free trail period and don't want to buy it?
  19. JMurphy97

    What anti-virus/spyware do you use?

    What's the word on ad-aware plus? I says it is virus and spyware for $27.