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  1. J

    N. ovata

    Hello, some of you might remember my request for tips on growing N. ovata back in September. Following the advices of Jeff, Tony and Rob I did uproot the plant and found the reason for the bad growth. This plant is a cutting with a stem about 4cm long. The plant had discarded its old root...
  2. J

    So confused

    Hi, I'm growing N. pilosa for about half a year only,so I do have very limited experience. Jeff, Tony, Rob or one of the other experts might help you better. My N. pilosa clone seems to like highland conditions better than intermediate conditions. Now in fall and winter night temps go down to...
  3. J

    Photos of n. benstonei, mapuluensis, pyriformis?

    Hi Bob, N. benstonei can be found in the photo gallery of Phill Mann's site: http://www.scarnivores.com/showphotos.asp?id=N|~Benstonei Pictures of all these plants can be found in Charles Clarke's two books. N. x pyriformis is according to Clarke a synonym for N. inermis x N. talangensis...
  4. J

    I need heliamphora info

    Hi nich, lots of information concerning cultivation can be found on Martin's site (sadly only in german language - you might try an automatic translator): http://www.drosophyllum.com/deutsch/heliamphora.htm Joachim
  5. J

    Trap sap

    Hi, Tim, just guessing, but I don't expect that many drugs in the pitcher fluid. When insects have managed to find their way into it, they are doomed even without drugs. Only in the nectar drugs would be useful for catching insects. Well, I think I should look this up in literature, as I might...
  6. J

    Epiphytic?  utrics?  reeeeeaaaaallly?

    Hmm, I did try this pot because the Sphagnum and also the runners might grow easily through the holes and are not restricted to the pot. I don't know if it is an advantage but the plant did what I expected and grew through these holes into the tray. The tray is normally filled up to the rim, not...
  7. J

    N. tenuis

    Hi, not all of you might be reading our German CP-forum regularly and I don't think Andreas Wistuba will post it here. Have a look at the first colour photo of N. tenuis: http://www.carnivoren.org/cgi-bin....start=1 Joachim P.S.: I hope the link works, if not go through...
  8. J

    Epiphytic?  utrics?  reeeeeaaaaallly?

    Hi Cole, I'm not that good in describing plants, so here is a photo of my biggest one: The picture is not the best one but I do think you'll get an idea of the leaf shapes. The pot size is 11cm btw. Joachim
  9. J

    Nepenthes seedlings

    Hi, the seeds of these two plants were collected back in 1994 on Mt. Kinabalu but not from the seller I got it from. Sadly the TC lab multiplying these plants did mix N. lowii also from the same batch of seeds collected and the "N. villosa" two years ago. I've seen the same clone about six...
  10. J

    Epiphytic?  utrics?  reeeeeaaaaallly?

    Hi, leaf shape of Ut. humboldtii may vary greatly even on the same plant. My clone does produce so different leaf shapes I wouldn't even guess they are the same species. Humidity does not seem to be a need for them at all. I do grow mine on a windowsill above the heater. Stolens do develop best...
  11. J

    Doesn't anybody grow Drosophyllum !

    I do - but killed some after flowering in spring over the past few years...
  12. J

    Nepenthes seedlings

    Hi, I'll forward your question, Rob. Maybe I can get some infos on possible species this one could be. Of course I did buy two plants back in may which should be identical - what I still do strongly doubt. The second one looks more like N. lowii to me: Joachim
  13. J

    Nepenthes seedlings

    Hi, thanks for the good guesses! Thes species are: A: N. rajah B: N. bellii C: propably N. lowii - I bought this one as N. villosa, but the TC-lab of the seller had made an error and they were not able to tell ant more what they delivered. But also for a N. lowii this plant is horrible slow...
  14. J

    Ok, i got the import permit

    Please be very careful ordering from overseas without the appropriate permits! Have yau read, what Joe Griffin sadly happened? http://epm.ucdavis.edu/htbin/mxarchivex/cp.2002-10/8869 Joachim
  15. J

    Nepenthes argentii

    Hi Rob, many thanks for your help! As bringing up the question of deleting this thread I want to comment on this, because I made very bad experience with similar situations (being a mod. in the German CP-forum). Not all who do read these threads are long enough involved in this business to...
  16. J

    Nepenthes seedlings

    Hi, it came up in the N. argentii thread of Tamlin, but doesn't fit there well. Small Nepenthes seedlings do look virtually identical and so it is often impossible to judge the species before they get a decent size. To prove this I took three pics of smaller plants I do grow and you are...
  17. J

    Nepenthes argentii

    Hi, just as a note, before someone does get it wrong. It is no question at all that Phill shipped this plants being sure they are N. argentii. He is a very nice guy from my experience and of course won't ever do other. Very small Nepenthes being so similar to each other, it is often impossible...
  18. J

    Nepenthes densiflora

    Hi Demi, N. densiflora is somewhat more difficult than its close relative N. carunculata (now N. bongso) for me. I'm only growing this species for half a year by now, but providing typical highland conditions seems to be OK for good growth. I've added a page for this plant including some pics...
  19. J

    Nepenthes argentii

    After scanning through my literature I do recommend reading through Phill's article on how he found N. argentii and N. sibuyanensis in CPN Vol. 27, No. 1 from March 1998. Both species being from the same island growing in similar altitude I do have an idea what had happened... Joachim
  20. J

    Update on my rajah

    Hi, N. hamata does grow in mossy forest in the wild, so it is no surprise it does grow best in Sphagnum. Andreas wrote he had big trouble rooting N. hamata last year. They only started to root well after placing the seedlings out of TC in a compost with a high percentage of Sphagnum. Dustin...