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  1. JMurphy97

    Drosophyllum under lights

    Anyone grow these under lights for the winter or just use a window?
  2. JMurphy97


    I'm replacing my bulbs and have two options. They are both GE dalylight. One is T12 40 watts with 3050 lumens. The other is T8 32 watts with 2700 lumens. The package says that the T8 is 30 times brighter then the T12. Both are 65ooK and cri 75.
  3. JMurphy97

    Nepenthes "Black Knight"

    Does anyone have any idea if this gets to actually be back or dark purple. I'm not sure if I should get this or Nepenthes ramispina.
  4. JMurphy97

    New bulbs

    I'm getting new lights for my grow chamber since my project is done, I have more space, and my others lights broke. So shopping bulbs around I found these two types. Which one would be the better bulb to get? T8 32 watts Lumins 2800 CRI 85 6500K T12 40 watts Lumins 3050 CRI 75 6500k
  5. JMurphy97

    A good protein skimmer

    I'm getting into reefs and read that a good skimmer is real important so I'm trying to find one. I need one for a 29 gallon but able to go up to maybe at 55 gallon. What you guys suggest?
  6. JMurphy97

    What anti-virus/spyware do you use?

    So I just bought a new laptop and it comes with 60 days of norton but I was told it sucks. So I'm just wondering what I should get to protect it and my information. What do you use?
  7. JMurphy97

    Are your lights covered?

    Those of you who grow neps under lights in grow chambers or mini greenhouses I have a question for you. Are your lights covered by anything to keep the moisture off them? Reason I ask is because I have some pretty strong lights but it seems the plants are not growing at the same rate I see...
  8. JMurphy97

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seeds

    I plan to get some of these and I have been reading on this site about them. I saw elgecko's thread and it seems like they are not as hard as people think. But then again he does have the magic window. There are some questions that really are not answered in. When is the right time to try to...
  9. JMurphy97

    S. purpurea purpurea stratification time

    Is it 4 weeks or 6 weeks or longer that is needed? I have some that have been in for about 5 weeks and saturday will be 6 weeks. Are they good to go or should I wait for a couple more weeks? I also have some d. californica, s. lucos, and mixed sundews that have been in for about 4 weeks now.
  10. JMurphy97

    Darlingtonia from lowes

    I found one that looked decent so I picked it. I plan to repot it but would you put it in by a window or under grow lights? I'm not sure putting it in the back hallway to have it go dorment is a good idea so I'm thinking to wait out this winter and let it grow til spring then it goes outside...
  11. JMurphy97

    Cacti 6 pack from walmart

    I'm looking to find some info maybe a website for those little 6 pack of cacti that come in a plastic greenhouse at walmart during the summer. If anyone knows where I can find something like that please let me know.
  12. JMurphy97

    Money tree

    Anyone have one? I'm thinking about getting one that I would need to repot. Any soil ideas besides potting soil and perlite?
  13. JMurphy97

    Where to grow my Mexican pings

    I have a couple mexican pings in my highland set-up in the basement. From when I got them in the spring they just took off, getting four times their size and more since I got them. But I've been starting to wonder first if they are too wet. Next the temps are getting down into the 40's at night...
  14. JMurphy97

    How long do you have your fan run?

    When I run the fan it kills the humidity. But I know highlands such as hamata need the air circulation. My hamata got real bad when the humidity dropped too low and I didn't run a humidifier. I sealed it up repotted in LFS and ran the humidifier around the clock and it recovered but other neps...
  15. JMurphy97

    Nepenthes macrophylla extras

    I have an extra Nepenthes macrophylla. If interested PM offers.
  16. JMurphy97

    Deep enough for Darlingtonia seedlings?

    I'm looking to try my hand at Darlingtonia seeds since I got some sar seeds to germinate. Is a 2in deep drawer orgainizer deep enough? I was reading on how their roots are not very deep and wider is better. So what I got it 9in long, 6in wide, and 2in deep. People I read this from grow their...
  17. JMurphy97

    Looking for N. mikei/ mexican pings

    What I have extras of: D. aliciae, D. graminifolia, D. capensis, and ventrata rooted cuttings. What I'm looking for N. mikei, P. medusina, P. moctezumae, or any other mexican pings not: (spelling may be off, I had a hard time making out the letters) acuminata agnata esseriana hemix X rethall...
  18. JMurphy97

    Lagochilus inebrians

    Cultivation details We have very little information on this species and do not know if it will be hardy in Britain, though it experiences very cold winters in its native range[192] and so should be completely cold-hardy in this country. The main problem it is likely to face is with our cool damp...
  19. JMurphy97

    Lagochilus inebrians (Intoxicating Mint)

    My plant I'm trying to hunt down is Lagochilus inebrians (Intoxicating Mint). If you have some and want to set something up or know where I can get the real thing please let me know.
  20. JMurphy97

    Salvia Divinorum

    Maybe this not even what I want. I had what was called "marameeya" by an old arab girlfriend in some tea. The tase was something else. I've been reading about it and it seems people like to smoke it. Well I just want some more of that tea! So if anyone has some seeds or any cuttings and want to...