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  1. J

    N. ovata

    Hello, some of you might remember my request for tips on growing N. ovata back in September. Following the advices of Jeff, Tony and Rob I did uproot the plant and found the reason for the bad growth. This plant is a cutting with a stem about 4cm long. The plant had discarded its old root...
  2. J

    N. tenuis

    Hi, not all of you might be reading our German CP-forum regularly and I don't think Andreas Wistuba will post it here. Have a look at the first colour photo of N. tenuis: http://www.carnivoren.org/cgi-bin....start=1 Joachim P.S.: I hope the link works, if not go through...
  3. J

    Nepenthes seedlings

    Hi, it came up in the N. argentii thread of Tamlin, but doesn't fit there well. Small Nepenthes seedlings do look virtually identical and so it is often impossible to judge the species before they get a decent size. To prove this I took three pics of smaller plants I do grow and you are...
  4. J

    Silly plant contest

    I think I did explained it about a thousend times: The lid protects the pitcher opening from rain diluting the pitcher fluid. To do this the lid has to stand above the opening! - Well, it seems for one of my plants this still wasn't clear after all: This is a pitcher of my extraordinary...
  5. J

    Promoting multiple offshots?

    Hi, as my plants do mature and start to climb, they normally do produce one single basal offshot. Exceptions from this rule were N. ventricosa, its hybrids and N. gracilis which did produce at least two. Other Nepenthes like N. fusca, N. carunculata, N. gymnamphora, N. talangensis, etc. do only...
  6. J

    Stop the N. rajah hype! :)

    Hi, before all here get too excited over N. rajah - there are other ones not looking too bad either... Joachim P.S.: You are invited to post pictures of your favourite ones!
  7. J

    N. rajah seedling - naked...

    Hi, after discussing the roots of N. rajah in one of the N. rajah threads it may be of interest for some how tall the roots even of a small seedling in fact are. This is a picture of a seedling few months out of TC with about one inch diameter. Joachim
  8. J

    N. ovata cultivation

    As the topic says, I am looking for special cultivation tricks for N. ovata. I do grow a small seedling (out of TC I do believe) since january and the plant has already increased in size but still refuses to pitcher. I do grow it under the same conditions as my other highland Nepenthes with...
  9. J

    B. reducta self fertile?

    Hi, my B. reducta is flowering at the moment. Does anybody know if B. reducta is self fertile? - Don't want to make a fool out of myself trying to pollinate the flowers when not self fertile... Joachim P.S.: Pics: http://home.arcor.de/j.danz/B_reducta_0802.jpg...
  10. J

    Guesss the species!

    Filling up the summer-hole - here is another one to guess for: Joachim
  11. J

    Nepenthes type sheets at NYBG

    NYBG has at lest parts of its herbarium collection online at: http://scisun.nybg.org:8890/searchdb/owa/wwwcatalog.searchform (try searching for family nepenthaceaea) Most impressive are the high quality scans of the sheets when taking into mind that taxonomists do have to work with this...
  12. J

    H. heterodyxa  - sunburn

    I do believe my H. heterodoxa got some sunburn ;-) (Big version: http://home.petflytrap.com/joachim/H_heterodoxa.jpg ) Joachim (Edited by Joachim at 2:24 pm on May 27, 2002)
  13. J

    N edwardsiana ssp. macrophylla

    Hello, after seeing the nice pictures Martin and Arie are posting here I finally did set up my PC to read out my digital camera... <img src="http://home.petflytrap.com/joachim/N_macrophylla.jpg"> N. edwardsiana ssp. macrophylla with 2cm sized pitcher :-) Joachim (Edited by Joachim at 36 pm...