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    My experience growing U. jamesoniana

    I thought that, now that my U. jamesoniana has flowered a few times, that I'd share my growing methods. I grow it in a small, 2 inch net pot filled with dead LFS moss. The pot sits in an aquarium on top of dead LFS moss and is surrounded by live LFS. I water by filling up the bottom of the...
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    Looking For (trade) Utricularia campbelliana, endresii, geminiloba, praetermissa

    Hello! I'm looking to trade for some Orchidioides Utrics, specifically campbelliana, endresii, geminiloba, praetermissa. I have U. alpina, asplundii, cornigera, humboldtii, jamesoniana, nelumbifolia, nephrophylla, and reniformis available to trade as well as a wide selection of terrestrial...
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    Hello from The Bay Area!

    Hello! I've been growing CP's now for about 5 years but haven't introduced myself here so I thought it was about time to do that! I grow primarily Utricularia and Pinguicula as well as a few Nepenthes, Drosera, and Heliamphora. I especially enjoy growing epiphytic bladderworts, my current...
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    Utricularia Trap Photos

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd share photos of Utricularia traps that I've taken using a high magnification scope. I find it fascinating that there are quite a few structural differences between species, probably related to the environment that they are catching prey. The few aquatic species I've...
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    Ant problem

    Hi all, I have a terrarium in my room containing a mixture of carnivorous plants. Recently the ants invaded the house and a few found my Nepenthes, now the pitchers are full of ants! When there was only a few I didn't mind, however their numbers are increasing. The pitchers are regularly...