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  1. Yinepu

    Drosera paleacea subsp. roseana (Gemmae)

    1. rapidan- Gets 5 for free because he posted first. 2. zlookup- Gets 5 for a sase same for everyone else. 3. James H 4. Yinepu 5. 6.
  2. Yinepu

    New to and from Hawaii ;)

    I love your AV.. (I have a bunch of orchids) Welcome to the forum!
  3. Yinepu

    well water good enough?

    I wouldn't risk it myself. I have a really deep well too.. however my TDS is 1600 on a good day. In all honesty, I think most well water is going to be too high in TDS...
  4. Yinepu

    My first flowers EVER! (plus some other goodies.)

    Congrats on the flower!
  5. Yinepu

    HALP! Rotting VFT

    I've gotten a lot of shipments of plants through USPS in the winter. Both living here and when I lived up North .. just got a few more Orchids just the other day... they were perfect even though temps here were in the 20's. So far only one plant has arrived rotten.. it wasn't from freezing...
  6. Yinepu

    Small pitchers on Nepenthes ventricosa

    I'm getting my first Nepenthes ventricosa in a few days.. going to keep this in mind in case it ever needs a caffeine fix!
  7. Yinepu

    Beginners Sundew Giveaway

    Congrats Soopa!
  8. Yinepu

    Beginners Sundew Giveaway

    I'm sort of a beginner.. have a bunch of seeds waiting to germinate.. and have a whopping 2 flytraps! I did have flytraps as a kid.. however I never knew about the whole dormant issue.. so when they turned black my mom threw them out! ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post...
  9. Yinepu

    Tie Dye!

    One way to remove the wax is with a hot iron and lots of paper towels... At least that's how I was taught to do it
  10. Yinepu

    my art glass works in progress

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing
  11. Yinepu

    Seeds / Non CP But Free For Postage

    *Beefsteak Begonia Seeds 1. Yinepu 2. *Chinese Water Chest Nuts Can send 6 to 8 small bulbs each 1. Yinepu 2. 3. *Bryophyllum Pinnatum Leaves / VERY Easy to get started 4 or 5 Leaves each 1. Yinepu 2. 3. Sent ya a PM, Thanks!
  12. Yinepu

    Can any good cooks help me with a recipe?

    uhm.... yeah.... love some of the comments btw...
  13. Yinepu

    Super 5-Variety Unlimited SASE+

    YAY!! Got my seeds today! Any hints for successful germination?
  14. Yinepu

    Setting up a brand new indoor terrarium

    I never thought about using an aquarium air pump... I have several cattleyas which seem to be happy on the top of one of my plant shelves.. but it's something for me to keep in mind should I ever get orchids which are more demanding.... or if I ever get off my butt and turn my 75 gallon tank...
  15. Yinepu

    its been a bad winter.........

    It's 72 here right now... one more reason why I love Texas (yes.. I am allergic to snow!)
  16. Yinepu

    notice of future give away

    I'm interested.. hopefully by the time they are ready to go I have something worth trading!
  17. Yinepu

    N. diatas, My Mighty Tiny Giant

    Awww.. it loves you! I have Neps on my wish list... just not sure which to go for first.