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  1. seedjar

    Looking for hikes in SC/Charleston area (also I'm back/lurking)

    Hi all. Some friends of mine are visiting the Charleston area with their toddler and they have some unstructured time in their itinerary. They enjoy hiking and other naturalist activities, but have never really seen CPs up close before - we're friends from school, so they've only seen my...
  2. seedjar

    No February POTM? Well I told Zu I was going to post this orchid

    Zu sent me this great compact lady slipper over six years ago - IIRC, it's one she sprouted (maybe even crossed?) herself. Last year it finally bloomed for the first time. This is the second spike I've got from it now. Here's my glamour shot: And a few others that didn't quite make the cut...
  3. seedjar

    Full-spectrum LED screw-in replacement bulbs?

    I'm mostly using T5HO fixtures currently and have been meaning to set up a few specimens apart from my plant racks under their own lamps. At first I thought I'd shop around for CFLs, but then I remembered those full-spectrum screw-in LED replacements. Not that I am uninterested in...
  4. seedjar

    Hello again

    Hi all. I was away for a while due to health problems, but now maybe I'm back. With any luck I'll be doing some terrarium builds soon and I'm excited to share them with everybody. I see we've had some other folks return recently after long absences. So... what's new? Cheers, ~Joe
  5. seedjar

    Second yearly NASC fundraiser?

    Hello all! Joe here on behalf of the NASC. We here on the board of directors need some help with brainstorming. We're considering doing a second yearly fundraiser in the fall, and would like to hear your suggestions. Thus far, we're thinking it would be nice to distinguish this new event from...
  6. seedjar

    Our Fantasy Nation?

    From the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/05/opinion/05kristof.html I've heard this comparison many times before, but this one struck me as particularly adroit. ~Joe
  7. seedjar

    PROTECT-IP Act to Extend Government Powers for Internet Censorship

    An excerpt from "Leahy’s Protect IP Act: Why Internet content wars will never end" - Below is a petition against PROTECT-IP, if you care to sign it: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/protectip_docs/ I highly recommend it. This bill threatens to set a very dangerous precedent. I'm not always...
  8. seedjar

    Look what they found in my leg!

    Yay! It actually wasn't a surprise - I've been waiting almost five years to have this crap taken out. I'd post some scans of my x-rays from the original surgery but it seems that the ones showing the installed hardware got lost at my doctor's office. Hopefully I'll get them back when I go for my...
  9. seedjar

    ZOMG 100+ Pics (Mostly Neps, also fun fuzzy and spiny things)

    N. chaniana x veitchii - this plant is both the beauty AND the beast. I've waited forever for it to bulk up; as one of my first Neps, I've had it for six or more years. Only recently has it really come into its own, and now it's growing like crazy. It popped a basal a couple months ago, and...
  10. seedjar

    For elgecko...

    Saw this on a microelectronics blog I frequent... <iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XRuWf2h7_5Q?hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I want one! ~Joe
  11. seedjar

    Great news for this year's auction!

    Hello, bidders and auctioneers! So, details yet to come, but I was informed by Ozzy at the last NASC meeting of something spectacular. As many of you are already aware, the NASC has a long-standing history of working with the Nature Conservancy. To thank us for our (and by "our," I mean "your")...
  12. seedjar

    What's the maximum effective distance for Neps under T5s?

    I've been very pleased with switching to T5HO lights. I was initially worried about burning my plants, but have found that most healthy adult Nepenthes can grow quite close to the bulbs with minimal strain. I was also surprised to see that even plants on the edges of the light cast by my...
  13. seedjar

    Drummondii Summer 2009 - NASC Newsletter, the lost issue!

    Howdy folks, Joe here on behalf of the NASC board. We've been sitting on this prior edition of the newsletter for a while now - somehow it was lost in the shuffle of our other duties and remained unreleased until now. The Drummondii is getting rolling once again though, so in preparation we're...
  14. seedjar

    2011 NASC Auction Beneficiary

    After much deliberation we've selected a beneficiary for the 2011 NASC Benefit Auction. This year's proceeds will go towards the Boiling Spring Lakes Preserve, in cooperation with our friends at the Nature Conservancy. This site, on the outskirts of the town of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC, includes...
  15. seedjar

    2011 NASC Auction Beneficiary

    After much deliberation we've selected a beneficiary for the 2011 NASC Benefit Auction. This year's proceeds will go towards the Boiling Spring Lakes Preserve, in cooperation with our friends at the Nature Conservancy. This site, on the outskirts of the town of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC, includes...
  16. seedjar

    Available in the near future - live Sphagnum by the quart/gallon

    I'm overdue to trim my moss outdoors. After I've finished harvesting and assessed need for those receiving Darlingtonia from me I'll likely be liquidating the rest of this season's crop, and perhaps making a wait-list for my pre-winter trimmings as well. This is not a few strands just tossed in...
  17. seedjar

    Making space - Seed-Grown Darlingtonia (original growth points and stolon cuttings)

    Up for grabs here are Darlingtonia from my first batch of seed planted winter '05 (I think.) Many of the original-growth rosettes are from pots I planted in live sphagnum which were subsequently smothered for a few years and therefore may still be somewhat dwarfed, but all the plants I intend to...
  18. seedjar

    Making space - S. x. moorei "Leah Wilkerson"

    Mostly putting feelers out for this one. I have one division of Leah with two or more well-established growth points, and another with one mature growth point and a particularly large rhizome that may produce more points this season (fingers crossed.) Material from Brooks himself, won from the...
  19. seedjar

    Making space - N. alata x maxima

    I know at least one person asked me about these, but unfortunately I can't remember your name - sorry! I have fifteen well-rooted stem cuttings with healthy side-nodes available to ship bare-root. (Also three apical cuttings but you'll have to make a really good offer if you want one of those.)...
  20. seedjar

    If you've tried to PM me/have been conversing with me via PM...

    My box filled recently (nice smiley Butch, thanks for wasting space! :P ) and today I deleted everything. I always dump my saved messages to a text file before emptying my box here, so I shouldn't completely forget about any important details. But I've got lots on my plate right now, so don't be...