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  1. Nepenthes101

    Took some nice pics of my nepenthes Garden

    I hear you on that. Once I get a bunch of those out in like the next month or so, I plant on building another shelf system to expand my nepenthes seedling growing project. I hope to make a bunch more nep seedlings here soon once my female mixta x maxima x veitchii x northiana x veitchii and...
  2. ggggg 015.JPG

    ggggg 015.JPG

  3. ggggg 014.JPG

    ggggg 014.JPG

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    ggggg 012.JPG

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    ggggg 013.JPG

  6. hh 002.JPG

    hh 002.JPG

  7. ggggg 014.JPG

    ggggg 014.JPG

  8. Nepenthes101

    Took some nice pics of my nepenthes Garden

    Hi everyone. I took some new really nice pics of all my seedlings of my awesome veitchii candy striped hybrids. These should be ready in like the next month or so.
  9. ggggg 002.JPG

    ggggg 002.JPG

  10. ggggg 004.JPG

    ggggg 004.JPG

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    ggggg 007.JPG

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    ggggg 009.JPG

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    ggggg 005.JPG

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    ggggg 011.JPG

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    ggggg 008.JPG

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    ggggg 001.JPG

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    ggggg 003.JPG

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    ggggg 006.JPG

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    ggggg 010.JPG