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  1. Frilleon

    Rooting multiple cuttings

    None that I know of. Some work better then others. I always use a gel type rooting hormone. Clonex or Olivia's brand I have had good results with.
  2. Frilleon

    Rooting multiple cuttings

    I like to put the cuttings in large ziplocak bags. I dip the cut in rooting hormone and then wrap it in damp LFS. Then place the cutting in a large ziplock that I then seal. Put under indirect light and wait.
  3. Frilleon

    Potted plants can't reach their full potential?

    You know I am on the fence here. While I want my plants to grow HUGE and to their full potential, I have a limited space to grow my plants in (indoors). So for me half the reason I keep them in smaller pots is to slow the growth until I can accomidate the plant better (like with a greenhouse)...
  4. Frilleon

    Post-NASC giveaway

    84 for me. Thanks for the great giveaway! Just another reason why this forums is awesome.
  5. Frilleon

    Sarracenia beginners collection (Ozzy $12)

    Up for bid are 3 divisions of 3 different Sarracenia hybrids. S. Leucophylla x Flava "maxima" S. oreophila x catesbaei S. 'Dixie Lace' I will be shipping USPS priorty mail (~6.00 USD with delivery confirm) which winner pays. U.S. only. Plants will be shipped bare root in moist paper towel. If...
  6. Frilleon

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Show and Sale

    I didn't take any, but I'm sure someone did.
  7. Frilleon

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Show and Sale

    I just want to thank Brokken for a great show! Can't wait to see what will be instore for next year! Gonna be hard to top this one!
  8. Frilleon


    Let me know if you don't get any Lois. I can run some over to you.
  9. Frilleon

    Mystery Item (LeafKirby $11)

    $6.00 Is it a key? Answer : no
  10. Frilleon

    Mystery Item (LeafKirby $11)

    $4.50 is it a projectile? Side note what happens if someone guesses what it is? Answer: No. This item is so obscure that I doubt anybody will guess it. Most people are familiar with what this item does when it's together with what it's used with, but it's so out there you won't figure it out...