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  1. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Nice set-up, Odysseus! Mine is actually similar, but with the humidity tent (which my cat ripped open a few days ago). I still can't upload photos. It's not my internet, since I am now trying on a third network. I don't know what it is. Here's a link to a photo I added to my Pinterest account...
  2. Z

    Drosera pulchella Dormancy

    Question about flowering d. pulchella ...I know this is an old thread, but just in cas people are still subscribed to it, I thought I'd post my questions here. I have some rapidly growing d. pulchella that have started flowering. I'm curious if this is a species that normally flowers at this...
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    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Odysseus! Yes, my drosera wasted no time letting me know how they feel about more light lol! I can't upload any photos at the cafe I'm at, so will wait till I go home, but, basically, every plant (except the D. scorpiodes) has developed some red on it...
  4. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Latest set-up Hi, bluemax: In case you're still interested, it's now been a month since my last change to my grow set up. I have a 35$ tented shelf from Target (in retrospect, I would buy a baker's shelf or something else and figure out the tenting myself. It wouldn't be cheaper, but probably...
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  6. Z

    Heliamphora minor - cold nights make a difference?

    Sad update As I mentioned, I was having some very promising results with my heli simply by moving it to a window at night, where temps were probably around 50 degrees. This one change completely turned things around for this plant and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Then this happened...
  7. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Whoops! The change to my setup is that I lowered the light by 3" and also got rid of the jars (mostly) and set everything on a tray filled with pebbles and some sphagnum moss and water to encourage humidity. The humidity of the table has gone from 45-50% to around 55-65% percent, which I'm a...
  8. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Nice meeting you, too! I definitely learned some things. Here is my new set up and pics of two droseras that aren't doing terribly. I have gotto an LED light and a clamp for it, which I'll set up in a few days.
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  12. Z

    Heliamphora minor - cold nights make a difference?

    About three months ago I ordered a heliamphora minor from an on-line dealer. The plant was cheap, and so very tiny. It also arrived with more than half of its pitchers broken, maybe a third of which were practically snapped in half. There wasn't any brown, so it probably happened in transit. I...
  13. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    Hi, bluemax! Yes, I'm planning on making this month's Portland meetup (I'm on the FB group). Perhaps I'll see you there. It IS a pretty extensive collection. Once I made a decision to invest in a growlight set up, I figured I might as well get my money's worth out of it...or something. I'm...
  14. Z

    Zindaginha's grow list

    Geez! Trying to write it all down is challenging...I'm kind of embarrased about how many plants I have. Here goes: CPs: 1. Nepenthes Sanguniea (from Sarracenia NW) 2. Nepenthes Ampullaria X (Spectabilis X Ventricosa) 3. Nepenthes (Rokko X stenophyllus) X talagensis 4. Drosera binata (3 of...
  15. Z

    CP noob in Eugene Oregon

    This past summer I impulsively bought a couple of drosera binatas from a local nursery and then, maybe a month later, stumbled across some butterworts and some very sorry-looking "sundews" shoved in a corner in another nursery and that was apparently all the exposure I needed to develop a...