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  1. Drosera36

    Looking For (trade) Drosera capillaris 'Emerald's Envy' Seeds (looking for)

    Hi, I'm looking for Drosera capillaris 'Emerald's Envy' seeds! I have a long list of sundew seeds available for trade if you're interested. I haven't seen the seeds available online or on ICPS seedbank. Thanks, Ben
  2. Drosera36

    utricularia resupinata from seed

    Probably both. Naturally it grows on lake shores, meaning that it is subject to submersion depending on rain and subsequent water levels. Folks I've talked to recommend growing it in a pot with a water dish taller than the pot to allow for submersion. Check out this page by Barry Rice where he...
  3. Drosera36

    utricularia resupinata from seed

    Ive got some too, from ICPS. I'm just going to sow on peat/sand. If they germinate, I'll consider submerging.
  4. Drosera36

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    And here's another location in Gainesville, FL
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  16. Drosera36

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    Wow, have you removed the flower stalks when formed? Ah, I see, this makes a lot of sense, considering there are forms of capillaris in cuba or brevifolia in south america...although intermedia is also found in south america. How can one definitively determine the origin of these species? Here...
  17. Drosera36

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    Good to know, I'll try the D. capillaris cuttings again. I have heard people refer to these warm temperates as "annuals" but I don't really believe it as such. I noticed none of the D. capillaris leaves I pulled turned red - so I wondered if maybe turning red may be associated with viable...
  18. Drosera36

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    Hello, I managed to get some wild D. brevifolia leaf cuttings to take. So far, 2 out of maybe 5 have worked. However, it took about 2-3 months to notice any growth. I first placed them in water and saw nothing. Compared to say D. rotundifolia or D. tokaiensis, you might notice buds...
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