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  1. Millipede

    Can anyone recommend a good grow tent?

    well its light proof and thats why i got it. It doesnt totally fit the frame im using so its a little trouble unzipping the front to get in, but it does what its supposed to other than that
  2. Millipede

    Can anyone recommend a good grow tent?

    I just bought one of these: Amazon.com : Reflective Mylar Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent: 32x32x63 Inch (Appx. 2.6ft x 2.6ft x 5.3ft) : Plant Growing Tents : Patio, Lawn & Garden i got it because my girlfriend likes to ***** about my plant lights too. It comes with a frame and everything but i was...
  3. Millipede

    400 watts of LED power supply, question

    so does the power get divided between them? I want to use four (dimmer) to spread the light out more instead of have one running at full power. I want to stay at 100w. Should i get 4 25 watt lights or what
  4. Millipede

    400 watts of LED power supply, question

    can i run 4 of these on a single 100w power supply? RONSHIN New Bright 100W Cool white high power led SMD chip bulb light DIY Emitter PCB LC00018 - - Amazon.com
  5. Millipede

    LED grow lights strong enough?

    a good LED driver by itself is 30 dollars... so 30 dollars for 225 leds, plus driver, plus fixture... I doubt that those lights are going to be anything like theyre saying
  6. Millipede

    LED grow light users

    make sure to read this too: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135456-Its-time-to-build-a-Cephalotus-grow-space-would-love-input It's what gave me the confidence and convinced me to build my own
  7. Millipede

    LED grow light users

    yep its super easy with the solderless LEDs. You dont even have to drill holes in the heat sink to attach them. you can use glue that they sell but it will be permanent. i got the this kit: http://www.rapidled.com/12-led-plug-n-play-retrofit-kit/ I ordered 12 xml2 leds and this heat sink-...
  8. Millipede

    LED grow light users

    BUILD YOUR OWN. Get high quality LED lights and a driver and heatsinks. I don't trust those red/blue led "grow lights" sold on ebay and amazon anymore. I've bought a couple of those then built my own with components from RapidLED with EXCELLENT results.
  9. Millipede

    Drosera madagascariensis X capensis hybrid

    it turned out to be a regular madagascariensis.. Ive since cross pollinated and germinated another batch of seedlings from both parents. something isnt working right with my pollinating the madagascarXcapensis end up being all madagascariensis and the capensisXmadagascar are all regular...
  10. Millipede

    what are these two sundews

    can you identify these for me? They sprouted in a pot of aliciae i got from a california vendor
  11. Millipede

    Sarracenia jonesii for shipping – Oregon giveaway only

    Hey do you mind if i get one or are they gone? I havent had one of those in my collection for a long time Im down in albany by the way :)
  12. Millipede

    question about peat washing

    I rinse my peat mainly for sowing seeds so the moss doesnt outcompete them. Ive found that leaving the peat soaking for a while (like a month or so..) then rinsing it has better results than just rinse/repeat method
  13. Millipede

    Transplanting Drosera Seedlings?

    does it make me weird that i shudder and drool with delight at the sight of those awesome tweezers? :0o:
  14. Millipede

    Hcarlton's hybrids

    swapping anthers is the very best and smartest way to do it
  15. Millipede

    Can you recommend an all purpose fertilizer?

    I use dyna-gro on my plants every now and then. I use a syringe to measure an exact amount. 0.4ml in a 6 ounce spray bottle for sundews and 1.0 ml for butterworts and pitcher plants. I give them all a heavy misting and for pitchers i spray the soil and inside the pitchers too. Sphagnum seems to...
  16. Millipede

    Sarracenia purprea "bob"

    i dont get it... what about bob?
  17. Millipede

    Hcarlton's hybrids

    i think ive had that happen a couple times. I never really investigated any cause though so i cant say much about it. How long from seedling to maturity did those all take?
  18. Millipede

    Hcarlton's hybrids

    Dude that affinisxspatulata hybrid is really neat. Is that the one you were telling me about?
  19. Millipede

    Drosera madagascariensis X capensis hybrid

    Affinis is already unique unto itself though. I meant the typical rossete X rosette crosses. they all look the same to me. im def interested in the outcome of your affinisXcape cross. If you have any nidiformis you should try crossing that with capensis. I've gotten it to work before but the...