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    Cranberry Barrens, Monongahela National Forest, WV

    Took a trip to the only recorded place in West Virginia where carnivorous plants grow. The Botanical Area has a nice boardwalk that allows you to see Drosera Rotundafolia and Sarracenia Purpurea at around 3,400 miles above sea level! The Sars were in bloom and i've never seen such deep red...
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    A reintroduction, now from WV.

    After a good while of just maintaining the plants I had, a few losses in my family. I just wanted to reintroduce myself and say hello. Looking forward to getting back into the grow of things and starting back into my work on tissue culturing after all these years. Looking forward to being able...
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    Looking For (trade) Anyone willing to donate leaf pullings?

    Looking to see if anyone out there is willing to donate some leaf pullings of drosera, dionaea and pings? Anything would be greatly accepted. I would cover shipping.
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    Looking For (To Buy) Aquarium plants for trade

    Looking to grow my collection again. I'm looking for different sarrs, vft and drosera. I currently have to trade. Amazon frogbit Parrots feather Hornwort Ludwigia Broad Leaf Dwarf aquarium lilies Anubias Nana 'Narrow Leaf' Anubias Nana 'Petite' If interested please feel free to send me a pm.
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    Nepenthes adrianii Seed Giveaway

    hey anyways how bout that snow storm you guys got??? 500 dollar fine for driving on the road.. guess the states gotta make money some how
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    Hello from Ithaca, NY and to all who attended the ICPS/NECPS conference 2012

    ahh you had just the drive i did. lol might have passed each other on the way to the meet. p.s it was the mega super ultra conglomeration of the NECPS and the ICPS it was the meets of all meets this year for the Carnivorous Plant world... us attendees should find ourselves lucky to have been...
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    Nepenthes adrianii Seed Giveaway

    man your just spittin answers arnt you lol.^^^^^^^ im gunna go with swordtails ***there are no true freshwater puffer fish. they are brackish water but can live in very low salt content water.. they still some salt tho. Life expectancy is greatly shortened if caring for them in strictly...
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    Possible South American Sundew?

    Drosera Mysteriensis
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    Grow Chamber Decisions.

    I built all my grow chambers out of 2x4's and panda film. Bought a 100' rool of panda film for around 75 including shipping and the 2x4s are about 2.50 to 3.50 depending on grade and quality of the lumber you wish to purchase. Sometimes you can even salvage perfectly fine 2x4 from construction...
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    Help Save Blackwater State Park FL

    I did not feel I needed to also respond to the post as well. I apoligize... I feel that it being state land the state, florida, will end up doing what it wants in the end.. I hve passed this petition onto my father who is a luetenat in the nys dec as well as forwarding it to my fathers good...
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    help with h. pulchella

    k butch will do. just threw together what will hopefully be a decent little heli chamber... Right now humidity is 86percent and climbing and the temp is 70 and holding strong. i repotted all the heli and dusted all their roots in trich. hope this works out. Ill try to get pics up in alittle...
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    help with h. pulchella

    Ive had a h. pulchella now for about 2 months and its been doing great up until a couple days ago.. Im keeping it in my hl chamber with my 2 other helis. a minor and a teite. those are growing fine but the pulchella seems to be taking a turn for the worse... i currently have it in a plastic bag...
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    Need some help building a grow chamber

    If you want to be able to customize, I would build it out of 2 x 4's. I've built 2 grow chambers out of would nd I have found it to be a saving grace. Its way easier to hang the lights, hanging pots and everything else. Ill post some step bys on your thred here in the coming hours. Pvc is great...
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    LF: Venus Flytrap cultivars

    Lol nice. Yeh I remeber thhe one year we went up to visist my aunt and we went to look at the ice castle they built. There were fish frozen right into the ice.. I think that's insane... ill give it to ya it is cold up there...just just finlllystarted to get snow here in central new york. Few...
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    LF: Venus Flytrap cultivars

    ryan we live in the same state. lol. only thing is i take them out of dormancy on Feb 1st and have a special grow chamber for them which they seem to love. i did this last year and everything turned out nice.
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    Import permit

    I have labels to import plant material such as seeds and wht not does plant material include plants themselves since technically that's materil they are sending? @ pearl I received labels. They send a good amount of them
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    miracid questions

    Ok. Sarrs sound good since I have a bunch of seedlings. You sid you use it on dionaeas as well? Using it as a foliar spray?