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  1. Capensis

    The terraforums 2013 calendar contest voting thread!

    so many photos to choose from! but all are spectacular, i'm sure any 12 of those would be great.
  2. Capensis

    Atlanta Botanical Gardens

    wonderful, i wish to go back there one day. the sarracenias were in much deeper dormancy, however, when i went. ):
  3. Capensis

    Fur hat world is a JIP!

  4. Capensis

    Brokken's Greenhouse

    Sweet jesus, these are fantastic. Keep it up. c:
  5. Capensis

    Capensis Trees!?

    You make me proud. :')
  6. Capensis

    A few pics of my VFT's enjoying of their first meeting with the sun since a while!

    Wonderful. I'd love to see how it looks in full growth during the summer.
  7. Capensis

    Box's greenhouse

    Your cat looks angry. ;_; Neat N. spect x aristo.
  8. Capensis


    The first one's shape is wonderful all around.
  9. Capensis

    my art glass works in progress

    Wonderful pieces of art. I've always loved glass work, but it appears to be a very tedious form of art and difficult to do with the need of extreme temperatures and such. Kudos to you. Favorite one. Lurve me some octopus.
  10. Capensis

    The Young and the Restless

    Cute N. inermis.
  11. Capensis

    Pitcher of the Month contest February 2011

    Whoa. I've never seen nectar drool like that. Nice! /doesn't have a pitcher to add in the contest ;_;
  12. Capensis

    February pictures

    Good to see that your sundews are still top notch. The D. moorei and tank are pretty neat.
  13. Capensis

    Cephalotus back from the dead

    Zombies are always cool. Good to hear it pulled through.
  14. Capensis

    Why Can I No Longer Do This?

    Can you use Google Chrome or other browsers other than IE at work?
  15. Capensis

    Atlanta Botanic Gardens pics

    Atlanta Botanical Gardens, cool place. I wish to visit it again when it's actually summer and not winter. And lucky you, I was able able to go into the secret backroom where all the Sarracenias and VFTs were. Unless the door was closed and I was able to enter it if I wanted to. Oops.
  16. Capensis

    VOTE Pepsi to Prevent Extinction!!!

    I have been summoned from the depths. Voted. Putting this up on Facebook.
  17. Capensis

    The time has come

    Whoo, sorry I'm late. Congratulations to you, Kris. :>
  18. Capensis

    Some of my Neps

    Hi, greetings to TF. You have a nice collection there. :> Just two questions: You sure you have a N. alata and not a N. x ventrata? And why do you have a VFT indoors in a terrarium?
  19. Capensis

    Florida Field Trip 2010

    Florida is where it's at, yo. Very nice. I use to have some Meadow Beauties, but they dried out, I think. :<