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  1. Maiden

    What are you listening to right now?

    lol ! (keeping the thread alive)
  2. Maiden

    Lithops soil

    Hello guys, Im new to lithops; what is the best soil mix?
  3. Maiden

    Hello from NJ

    Hello, and welcome. Amazing setting :-)
  4. Maiden

    Hcarlton's Utrics

    Amazing plants hawken ! Love your accidental combo ;-)
  5. Maiden

    Heliamphora seed pod development

    Hello Werdna :) I speak from my very personnal experience; i had my biggest seeds harvests when the growing pods was directly under the heat of my grow lights. Like very close. François
  6. Maiden

    Hcarlton's Helis

    Amazing plants n flowers !
  7. Maiden

    Hello from Beverly Hills Ca.

    hello and welcome :)
  8. Maiden

    Hcarlton's Helis

    Its a very nice plant ! Are you sure about the tag? Its a real h.minor var minor in your opinion ? I can see some heterodoxa influence, but maybe im wrong !
  9. Maiden

    What are you listening to right now?

    The last one is a good one. Thanks for posting this !
  10. Maiden

    What are you listening to right now?

    Slash Anastasia
  11. Maiden

    H. heterodoxa is flowering!

    Very well grown mike :-) and congrats for your first flower !
  12. Maiden

    Plant of the Month November 2017

    cultivar heliamphora 'red mambo'