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  1. Dexenthes

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    Holy smokes that thing's a monster, love the setup
  2. Dexenthes

    In case of untimely demise, where are your plants going?

    Interesting thread. I have had these thoughts exactly. I actually wrote up a brief "will" a few months ago just in case of this exact situation. Honestly if it happens, I would have a family member make a TF post and a few of you would have first dibs on many of the plants. There are a...
  3. Dexenthes

    Male N. ventricosa flowering

    Hello everyone, My friend's large and healthy male N. ventricosa is finally flowering after 12 years. It is actually an original plant from terraforums.com's own flytrapshop.com. If anyone has a female Nepenthes of any kind in heat right now, and is interested in some pollen, please...
  4. Dexenthes

    The Perfect Nepenthes

    ventricosa is very rewarding and easy.
  5. Dexenthes

    For Trade Wondering about the gorilla in the roon

    Personally I am not that worried about carnivorous plant trades through the mail right now. If I were to trade or buy a plant right now I would just sterilize the outside of the pot and leave the plant in quarantine for a reasonable amount of time.
  6. Dexenthes

    Wild Dionaea

    I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina this last week and on the one free day I had, I decided to embark on a mission to find wild Dionaea in its habitat. The place that I found was amazing, even though it is winter - I was able to observe wild Dionaea, Drosera, and two species of...
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  9. Dexenthes

    Seeds I've made...

    I don't have one tried and true method that I have used with nepenthes seeds, but it seems to me that I have had the most success with using terrariums or humidity domes for the seeds. Typically I will use live sphagnum moss and I cut it up with scissors to make it very fine so there's not as...
  10. Dexenthes

    Traveling to Sabah and and possibly Sarawak

    Hello all. Very excited to announce that we are planning a trip to Borneo in March. (despite corona virus :concern:) I know that at least some folks here have traveled to Borneo before. We have a very open itinerary at the moment with the only for sure activity being the climbing of Mt...
  11. Dexenthes

    Seeds I've made...

    Sorry for the very delayed response. A great number of the seeds you sent me did indeed germinate. I think the ones you sent me were thorelii x campanulata and platychila x (something). I lost track of what exactly the genes were that you sent. Needless to say a ton of them sprouted and...
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  15. Dexenthes

    Should the NASC auction be held a little later than normal?

    I think moving it back is a good idea. I usually have a little more spending cash towards the summer as well.
  16. Dexenthes

    My pics

    . . . :blue: That is sad. Times really have changed haven't they. . .
  17. Dexenthes

    Applying pesticides. Tips, concerns, safety?

    So, I am biting the bullet and I am ready to apply the two pesticides that I purchased onto my plant collection. I have problems with thrips and mites and upon the recommendation of growers here I have Talstar Pro and Bayers Imadacloprid (sp?). I think I am ready to do this but I am nervous...
  18. Dexenthes

    Thrips and mites

    Thanks for the input guys. I will definitely opt for some hardcore poison this time around. How do you guys tend to apply it to your plants? I was thinking a foliar spray (outside), one by one, over and over until the whole collection has been hit. Should I repot every single plant too...
  19. Dexenthes

    Thrips and mites

    Needless to say. . . I have thrips and mites in my collection. I used a chemical pesticide a few years back that seemed to work wonders. I'm open to using chemo-toxins again. It's pretty important that I treat my entire collection as I am going to need to downsize and consolidate my plants...
  20. Dexenthes

    Gimmie-Gimmie sydrome