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  2. Grey Moss

    Ultramific/serpentine soil?

    I use 1:1 large grain akadama and perlite for nepenthes that like a mineral mix. I've also found 1:1:1 akadama, perlite, fluval aquatic plant soil to work equally well.
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  5. Grey Moss

    Grey Moss Thread

    I bought a small platychila a few years ago at 3 inches across. This week it made its first intermediate pitcher, expressing more of the species' unique features. Freshly opened and aged for a few days.
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  7. Grey Moss

    Plant ID

    Id seeds is pretty well known to be/obviously faked. They've got an impossibly large inventory of rare nepenthes seed. Any pots that haven't germinated yet I'd toss them. They were likely very old seed that they repackaged. The only consistent sources of seed that I know of that are legit are...
  8. Grey Moss

    Newbie mistake with fertilized bark

    Yeah, that 6 months only starts after it has been mixed into soil. Time release fertilizers only activate with moisture and warmth. Even if the fertilizers began releasing it would have nowhere to go but in the bag, back into the bark chips. It's hard to say if it'll cause an issue. Nepenthes...
  9. Grey Moss

    Newbie mistake with fertilized bark

    Unless the bark inside the bag was wet or it was stored in a warm place exposed to sunlight that fertilizer is unlikely to have been effected much.
  10. Grey Moss

    Drosera problem

    Yeah, the white filaments are mold. Likely not related to the cause of death though, just moving in on a dead plant.
  11. Grey Moss

    Max hours? Dli?

    They aren't particularly good for pest control. Drosera and pings can capture fungus gnats and potentially manage their populations. However if you're talking about pests like aphids, scale, and thrips carnivorous plants are just as vulnerable to those as any other plant and will not be any help...
  12. Grey Moss

    For Sale Nepenthes Hybrids

    Very nice. Here are some of the plants from that group I held back
  13. Grey Moss

    For Sale Epiphytic Utricularia

    They aren't that much of a challenge. Moderate light, temps between 80-50 degrees trending towards the cooler end should be good. All except the alpina grow waterlogged. Alpina I water like a nep, allowing it to dry slightly between waterings.
  14. Grey Moss

    For Sale Epiphytic Utricularia

    I have the following utrics for sale. USA only, shipping can be combined for multiple plugs Nelumbifolia-$25 Alpina-$20 Nephrophylla x (nelumbifolia x reniformis)-$20 Nephrophylla x nelumbifolia-$20
  15. Grey Moss

    Dogfish's Nepenthes (mostly N. veitchii)

    Those are some very nice veitchii. Well done!
  16. Grey Moss

    adnedarn's photo thread

    Very nice, a little patch of the tropics in Arizona
  17. Grey Moss

    Plant ID

    Well this is just the risk you take when buying from sellers that deal in wild collected seed. They have no obligation or even any real motivation to make sure the seed they're selling are genuine. And selling the seeds in very low amounts is obviously to maximize profits. These people are not...
  18. Grey Moss

    not doing well.

    Hard to tell from that photo but I'd assume it's rot. If it's been watered every day and then stood in a tray of water in a high humidity environment that could do it. Root rot will often look like the plant drying out because its unable to uptake enough water to keep itself healthy after the...
  19. Grey Moss

    Black miracle?

    Extremely doubtful at that price. There are a lot of amps out there with varying degrees of the black speckling that have been called black miracle. Given that your plant doesn't appear to be a cutting and its low price its pretty safe to assume it's not black miracle