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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Hello please let me know about who received they're seeds/leaves.. u can let me know here or pm
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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Hey all lemme see what I have to work with so i can get people's stuff out on Monday I should definitely have enough seed for more than 4 people if people just want capensis seeds but I will see about possibly more than 4 people for leaf pullings since I don't wanna go crazy on my cephs lol, but...
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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Thank you it was a dear friend who was only 34, but this isn't the place for that, however I did go crazy and ordered 3 more helis that I'm going to try to acclimate to a non humidity dome area, and a catopsis berteroniana just cause lol can't go wrong with $15 dollar helis..
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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Hello everyone I was going to mail out yesterday but luckily remembered about labor day weekend.. I will get it done Friday or Saturday as ive had some unfortunate events (the passing of someone) so you will all receive what I promised I've just been on an emotional roller-coaster, my apologies...
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    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    That is definitely a ventrata I got one in the same exact hanging basket for 20 bucks at Lowes in Florida and took it on the plane with me back to nyc lol..
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    Hi, it’s been a hot minute… still growing a few things here and there.

    That's interesting because I have a rajah x veitchii and rn it's not even getting a temperature change at all and it's pitchered at every leaf although to be fair it has yet to make a leaf jump.. (i grow under lights in my bathroom with humidifier)
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    Share Your Brocchinia!

    I got one coming in 2 days that I'm really excited for
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    would like some info if possible

    Yeah I'd up the humidity a little and the gradually cut it back, but cephs are way tougher than ppl think I was reading about a guy who's ceph got lost in the mail for like a month and he revived it over the course of like 6 months but still.
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    I like to live dangerously!

    But how long do you think this shenanigan can be kept up.. it's a lvbx maxima x Thor x mollis I germinated a bunch a figured whatever.. I can always add more wood around with moss..
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    would like some info if possible

    I think it's just stress from repotting, I've accidentally let my cephs dry out a few times to find them wilted but they bounced right back I'd say it's just shock from repotting but also idk what it looked like prior to repotting..
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    Ceph lids not being open fully ever

    Huh I did not know that I honestly thought that they are usually wide open just from seeing do many pictures like that..
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    Growing Heliamphora indoors...

    I only have 3 helis and what I so is keep em in the humidity dome and at night throw frozen water bottles around the inside and I've gotten it down to 57 at night using this, just a easy cooling method if ur home every day
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    Ceph lids not being open fully ever

    I got a problem where my ome of my cephs never has its pitchers wide open the lids seems to stay pretty closed.. the other cephs are not fully mature so it's different, light is great hundidty has never dropped below 60% usually 70-75 is the range and idk what it is.. any tips would be greatly...
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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Ok thats 4 ppl i cant do more than 4 so please pm me whoever posted here and wants them and also give me a little bit of time to work this out( like a week at most) also p.s I should have specified this but honestly didn't think about it till now, but if anyone wants they're seeds and leaf...