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  1. Favian

    Red Lowii's plants

    I need that veitchii in my life
  2. Favian

    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    THESE AMPULLARIAS ARE PERF* I need a Nairobi asap
  3. Favian

    Red Lowii's plants

    I hardly sign in to this forum but when I do, I come to this thread. This will be my last time. I'm not impress.
  4. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month December 2015

    n. (ventricosa x xtrusmadiensis) x truncata
  5. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month September 2015

    n. maxima [(stenophylla x lowii) x (rokko x veitchii H/L)]
  6. Favian

    End of Summer Greenhouse Update 2015

    Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love these pots and it will definitely help cool the roots, which I need in the Florida summer. cheers, Favi
  7. Favian

    End of Summer Greenhouse Update 2015

    Short update on my intermedia and highland nepenthes. I live in Florida and this is the hottest time of the year, therefore, not many pitchers form. Hope you enjoy! HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO OF THE GREENHOUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhl3OuPzUsM&feature=em-upload_owner
  8. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month August 2015

    n. burbidgeae "seed grown"
  9. Favian

    Red Lowii's plants

  10. Favian

    Cory's photo thread

    Well, well, well...Look who decided to joined the circus. Epic! :eek:
  11. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month May 2015

    n. Lowii x gothica
  12. Favian

    misc cell phone pics

    Well done my friend! :o
  13. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month April 2015

    Seed grown n. robcantleyi
  14. Favian

    Show us your burbidgeae Hybrids!

    Great plants, Stranger! Here's an update on the sumatrana x burbidgeae.
  15. Favian


    thank you, everyone! hush Marc! let me be! Sashoke, that is one of my favorite ones ;) Thank you Dexenthes! attenboroughii is soooooooooooooo slow
  16. Favian


  17. Favian

    Pitcher of the Month January 2015

    N. thorelii x (x trusmadiensis)
  18. Favian

    Favi's Heli Thread

    Thank you, tje25! I use LFS and cypress much as media. The plant is kept outdoor in room conditions