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  1. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Nepenthes argentii

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a nepenthes argentii that's a Native Exotics clone. However, the picture looked like an argentii x armin. Does anyone know if the native exotics clone is 100% argentii? Any feedback and comments are appreciated. If anyone have pictures of their plant, please...
  2. PitcherPlantJunkie

    ebay seller

    hey guys, I have some information about a eBay seller. Please click on the link below to see the full information please. Thank you https://facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTEwMDAwMDM3MTg4NjE1NTpWSzoyMzA5NjQ1MzQ1OTM1NzAw Please be aware as to what I'm doing here. I'm not...
  3. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sarracenia seeds stratification

    Hey guys, so i've been doing sarracenia stratification on seeds and I just have a few questions. I've been stratifying them by putting them in bags of water and putting them in my refrigerator and I'm not sure if that's okay. Another thing is that when I take the seeds out from the refrigerator...
  4. PitcherPlantJunkie

    seeds TS

    Hey guys, I was wondering for cleaning seeds for tissue culture. Do I have to use Bleach? H2O2?Alcohol? if yes, how long should I do that. I'm doing nepenthes seeds. Also, can I use my household bleach to do this? Thank you
  5. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Tissue culture

    Hey guys, I was wondering for the carnivorous plant tissue culture from seeds? How many grams of MS should I get for 1000 ml? I looked online and some people say 4g but I was wondering whether it have to be diluted? If yes, then how diluted?
  6. PitcherPlantJunkie


    Hey guys, It's been some time since I am in this carnivorous plant business and I think it's time that the internet can no longer help me and that I have to go and get more knowledge from experience growers. I would like to visit Phil Faulisi and Jeremiah Harris. If anyone have visited them...
  7. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Free tissue culture.

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether someone could get me some free tussue culture media? I'm just trying out tissue culture and I just need about enough media to make 500 ml to grow my plants on. Thank you
  8. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Free MS for tissue culture?

    Hey guys, I'm just starting to get on with tissue culture and I'm wondering does anyone have some MS medium they would like to share? I was looking on ebay and most of them were in huge bottles. If not, can anyone tell me a alternative to MS medium used in tissue culture? Thank you
  9. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Sarracenia leucophylla burgundy

    Hi, does anyone know if this is a cross or a cultivar of leucophylla. I'm kind of skeptical of this because it's so dark. Thank you
  10. PitcherPlantJunkie

    seeds decision help

    Hey guys, right now I can buy seeds from 2 sellers. Which should I buy first. Nepenthes edwardsiana and macrophylla seeds? or bical, amp, and veitchii. Please help.
  11. PitcherPlantJunkie

    How long do seeds stay viable?

    hey guys, I was wondering how long do nepenthes ampullaria and bicalcarata seeds last for? I am going to buy some but I couldn't due to some reasons and I'm just wondering whether they could still be viable when I buy them. So, how long do they stay viable. They were harvested January 30th.
  12. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Tissue culture beginner

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting tissue culture for some rare nepenthes seeds I just got. I was wondering if anyone could help me get a checklist of things I need and need to do. Or if someone could point me in the right direction would be awesome. Thank you
  13. PitcherPlantJunkie

    cephalotus leaf turning purpleish pink

    hi guys, I just recently got some cephalotus and their leaf is turning purpleish pink and I don't know why. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  14. PitcherPlantJunkie

    sarracenia saurus seeds

    Hi, I'm going to be getting some sarracenia saurus seeds and I'm just wondering if they might pass down their awesome trait. Last december, I saw a seller sell saurus x HCW seeds and I was just wondering whether they will have some special traits or will they just be regular (flava x leuco) x...
  15. PitcherPlantJunkie


    hi, I was just surfing on this forum and I came across someone saying that lowes sell sarracenia rubra and sarracenia psittacina. can anyone confirm this?
  16. PitcherPlantJunkie

    nepenthes lowii trusmadi

    hey guys, I was just wondering what's the difference between n.lowii and n.lowii trusmadis? thank you
  17. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Looking For (To Buy) seeds

    looking to buy nepenthes bical, villosa, and edwardsiana seeds. If you have something that's special but not these three, list them below and I will pm you if I want to buy them.
  18. PitcherPlantJunkie

    ebay seller

    hey guys, I have a question about an ebay seller. His name is meteroimpact and he sells around 15 different species of nepenthes and he has all the rare ones like villosa and aristo. If anyone have bought from him before and have reliable results, please tell me. Thank you.(he's located in italy).
  19. PitcherPlantJunkie

    Mystery sarracenia

    hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what's the sarracenia on the left, the dark red one. http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/pic/item/35d21422720e0cf3d1f986f90746f21fbe09aa23.jpg
  20. PitcherPlantJunkie

    ebay seller collecting wild seeds

    Hey guys, I just wanted to send out an alarm post regarding an ebay seller. The seller's name is yescarnivorousfarm and the reason I'm sending this post is becasue he collects his seeds from the wild. I know it says that the seeds are not from the wild on his product's page, but after having a...