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    Is this normal ?

    Since I am a compleat noob, can anyone tell me if this is normal ? If it is, and I'm not killing it slowly, do you leave the pitcher on till it compleatly goes brown/ dies ? or do you remove it now ? and where do you remove it from ? leaf tip / or from bottom of pitcher ? Sorry about all the...
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    My 2 cps

    Not the best picture, but you get the idea :0o: All comments welcome, was thinking about repotting the bigger one ( no idea what it is ! ) as some of the mix fell out while I was going round the roundabout :blush: Once I get used to my new camera, I'll post better pics. AmberRose
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi Guys, It happened like this, I went to my local Bunnings store ( hardware/garden ) and while hubby toddled off to look at "Man stuff ", I went to look at the garden part. Well, on what I call the "dead and dying" rack I found a little Sarracenia, looking what I thought was very sorry for...