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Thread: Flower Madness

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    OK, something weird is happening.
    Just about every plant in my classic terrarium decided to flower once I removed the top cover, because D. spatulata's flower stalks were getting too high. And immediately everything else started sending up flowers. First, nidiformis, that looks terrible btw, and I thought was dying (looks better now) D. capillaris that is still just a baby (about 2 months old, and about 1 inch across), 3 stray D. intermedias that got there as seeds by accident, and I just dont have the heart to remove them, about 3 months old, and all 3 are sending up stalks, and my D. capensis alba, that is also quite small yet... so I was wondering... is that like normal? Or is it just some kink they are getting at?
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    I know one thing.... air circulation puts a positive spin on the health of a CP. I would suggested that it was a reflection of the increasing photoperiod, but that's more for plants growing outside or on window sills. But I'm guessing that you are using artificial lighting, so the plants may not be experiencing temperature or light changes. you got me. Knock on Glass!!

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