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Thread: Dual potting sundews

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    Dual potting sundews

    I've seen pics here of people dual potting everything I can think of: sarracenia and sundew, flytrap and sarr, sundew and flytrap, etc.

    I've never done any dual potting, but I have these 5.5" pots.

    My question is: do you think I should consider potting multiple d. capensis in these (they are very small right now, leaves about 1")? How long would they last together in there before I would have to repot them?

    I'm going to college and only taking a few plants.

    N. ventricosa
    D. capensis

    and that's all...

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    Personally, I think it best to companion pot plants have similar enough cultivating requirements throughout the year. I will keep Sarracenias, VFT's, and temperate sundews together because they will all need a dormancy.

    On the other extreme, Neps are tropical and so have a 12/12 or 11/13 or 13/11 photoperiod.

    D. capensis is in the middle - sub-tropical. They can take variation of photoperiod and temps, but not like Sarracenias, VFT's, and other temperate plants.

    You may want to consider having various pots of the same group of plants, just in case one pot runs into trouble.

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