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Thread: D. hybrida & D. sp. belem Info

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    Hey Jim,
    I originally received the seeds of D. sp. 'Belem, Brazil' from a Brazilian grower. After talking with Fernando Rivadavia, he explained to me that the plant most likely originated from somewhere in SE USA, but a cp vendor in Belem used to sell this species. Originally they were just labeled as "Drosera species" or something. His theory is that someone purchased a plant from the vendor, but before trading with someone, he labeled it as D. sp. 'Belem, Brazil', because he evidently assumed that the grower found it near his home. So he said to keep using the name, D. sp. 'Belem' but to assume that it is not actually from that location. People have searched that area and have not found anything that looks like it in Brazil. Once it reaches adulthood, it definitely resembles a D. capillaris, but it has a fairly unique leaf shape. Hope this helps
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    Thanks, Aaron. I'll keep it on the rack, along with the sub-tropicals.

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