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I've only seen the black deposits form on D. aliciae, but if others have seen it on other South African Drosera I'll take their word on it.

You want to use lukewarm or barely warm water. Use an eye dropper or a straw and just drip small amounts on the affected parts (e.g. growing point). I use a jet syringe for a slight pressure wash.

Surely it rains on Drosera now and then. Occasional top watering shouldn't harm them, unless they are dry dormancy species. But then if they are dry dormant you probably wouldn't have this problem.

If the black markings doesn't wash off then look elsewhere, like temperatures and how damp you keep your media. Relative Humidity shouldn't be that much of a problem unless you are not keeping the media moist enough.
My media is kept pretty wet, and the temps range from about 70-85F.