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Thread: Rehabilitating D. capensis?

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    Rehabilitating D. capensis?

    I got two Drosera capensis through the mail, and they haven't been doing too great after being potted. They were in transit for maybe 4 or 5 days, then I potted them in 50:50 perlite:sphagnum mix. I've been keeping them under clear lids to keep them humid- only one has developed dew so far but the other hasn't. Its leaves have started going black, even the new one it was growing. ): I read somewhere that you can trim the roots and they sometimes fare better after that. Is this a good idea? If not, what else can I do?

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    Hi first of all i don't now where you heard that but that doesn't sound like i good idea espically after you repotted it not to long ago. It sounds like you have it in a terrarium and if you do pretty much BAD IDEA! You should imedeintly slowly take the lid off every day or two if you have them in a terrarium and keep it in sitting distelled or rainwater all of the time sometimes if you forget it's ok to let not let it sit in water for a day or two no more and you should grow it in a south facing window if you don't live in a tropical climate where it rarely drops below 50.F. In the douth facing window (if you have one) it should recive four or more hours of direct sunlight and it should really be in a soil mix of half peat moss half perlite but since you just repotted it it should be ok but in a month or two you should repot it in the soil mix i mentioned and it shouldn't be in i cold or warm or hot draft and that's about it in about a month or less they should be healthy looking dews in no time So There you go hope that helped!

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    I would suggest a mix of peat/silica sand vs the one you're using. If the plant thats turning black looks dead in the center, you can take root cuttings, place on sphagnum moss in sealed conditions, like a petri glass or somesuch. and they will form new plants. Don't keep them overly wet if they aren't in active growth, and give good air circulation and good light.
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