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Thread: A few of my winter dews.

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    I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me. jpappy789's Avatar
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    I'd be interested in knowing as well!
    Grow list

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    You are not alone, lol. The first thing I said to myself was "Nice sand! And nice plant , too!"
    You could try using Pyro's instructions in the sticky section, but I actually asked Mr. Lowrie the courseness of the sand over there that these plants grow in and he sent me a small sample.
    It was like sugar, very much like some silica I have seen here.
    But what plants are in when in situ does not necessarily work in a pot.



    Quote Originally Posted by gill_za View Post
    I absolutely love that large grained sand... anyone know where to get it in PA? I'm tired of sifting trough pool filter sand for large grains...

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