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Thread: Update on my TC gelrite jars

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    Update on my TC gelrite jars

    Here I report what has happened in my test jars filled with gelrite-gelled media and some species, apx. 1 month growth on such medium:

    First, here is my control jar of weedy d.capensis. The proliferative growth shows that the composition of the medium should be fine for common drosera:

    Drosera burmannii "Humpty Doo"

    Drosera sp. Lantau Island . This species I have on regular peat/sand mix as well. It is a very easy species and grows fine, but in vitro it produces enormously large plants, I have never seen on regular substrate:

    Drosera neocaledonica started to form hairy roots spontanneously

    Drosera ordensis (very hairy form). Grows very fast. I have deflasked about 30 plants and kept this one to see how she will create shoots on 0.7mg/ml BAP

    Now this one surprised me. Drosera arcturi. You can see tens of plantlets being formed on one leaf. The reason why this surprised me is that this species in no way froms shoots easily. And this particular plant is on medium WITHOUT hormones.

    Drosera affinis- growing slower than i expected, I think it is due to absent roots.I noticed some plants are starting to grow tiny roots on hormoneless medium so soon they will really take off;-)

    Species that grows like a salad on this type of media for me is drosera falconeri. I have to replate very often to keep the overcrowded jars managed. Here, 3 experimental jars (no hormones, NAA, BAP):

    Here, drosera afra. Very interesting behaviour in TC. Grows really fast, unlike other species, creates roots spontanneously, and when adult, starts to form clumps of plantlets on the base of the root.

    When drosera afra is placed on the medium containing small amount of cytokinin, it encourages her proliferation even more. The plant creates plantlets on the leaves as well. Moreover, she forms plants on the tips of the roots as well. Forming plants from the tips of the roots I have seen only with d. peltata species. Note the opening 'bud' on the tip of the root:

    This is my latest achievement that really made my day recently. Although it looks like an ugly piece of shapeless red mass, it is very exciting to watch direct organogenesis from piece of tissue of Drosera ramentacea grow in vitro. I have been trying to do this for some time. Not very pretty, but that is how a successful jar starts. To me beautiful, anyway:-)

    Drosera hartmeyerorum creates extensive root system without induction of auxin

    And here are some darlingtonia californica plantlets growing on medium without hormones:

    Finally, my first nepenthes species:Nepenthes albomarginata seedlings

    ...and Nepenthes benstonei seedlings, growing first tiny pitchers

    Thanx for watching:-)
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    Very cool!

    I am so not knowledgeable in tissue culture, it's a little over my head.

    What is the solution that the plants are in, mostly water with some specific hormones?

    I just don't understand how it works.
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    Very cool.. I wish I had your setup!

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