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Thread: All Things Petiolaris

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    It is D. dilatato-petiolaris
    There may be a split forming, but if so it's really new.
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    A few new photos

    Life has been hard in the hot tank for the last few months . I have treated for a nearly-microscopic fly and some of the plants have been assaulted by black mold. Spraying all of the inhabitants of the terra with tobacco tea set things back but did seem to remove the insect pests. In addition I have lowered the humidity, increased the circulation and sprinkled a lot of powdered cinnamon and the mold is now diminishing. On the plus side I have added some spectacular specimens that I hope to highlight more in the not-too-distant future. Here's the best of how it is now:

    Drosera petiolaris

    D. lanata

    D. (ordensis x falconeri) x brevicornis The photo doesn't quite get the amazing color of the traps which is a bright orange/red.

    D. ordensis - one of many possible forms. This one's obviously on the mend.

    Anybody else have petiolaris photos to post?
    - Mark

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