I find this species to be somewhat on the weedy side. It quickly fills four and six inch pots and spreads to nearby pots. The saving grace is it is not very fertile and doesn't produce copious amounts of seed. I've found no difference in longevity between short or tall pots. Debbert's description contains clues towards its cultivation - found in the mountains near the Palmiet River in swampy areas, often in moss. This would suggest cooler montane conditions. The area is often described as Fynbos and the long roots would suggest the plants are adapted to periodic brush fires.

Often "decapitating" the plant (cutting off growth above ground) when the plant is in the last stages of decline (still some green) will result in the plant coming back from the roots. As mentioned above laying out the roots horizontally appears to facilitate this growth. The plants also can have less distance to travel to reach the surface. Standard CP mix, long fiber sphagnum or live Sphagnum works equally well, just keep it wet.