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Thread: Double pest problem on D. Intermedia?

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    Double pest problem on D. Intermedia?

    I had noticed my D. Intermedia had quite a few curled and twisted leaves and flowerstalks for some time now. One of the stalks ended up dying, the second stalk got... Weird. It divided in half, and it looked like a D. Binata leaf. That's when I took a very close look and saw tiny green bugs on the stalk. It immediately reminded me of a pest problem I readed about somewhere, then I took the plant off the pot to let it stay underwater for a bit. But when I checked the soil, it had worms on it. As far as I remember, there were about 10-12, some big, some small. I removed all of them, washed out the roots as best as I could, triple-checked for possible surviving bugs, cut off the stalk (so it would focus the energy on recovery) then transfered it to a new media.
    I dont remember seeing anything about worms being a problem for any CP, anyone else experienced something similar? And, if yes, is there a known way to prevent them? I'm not even sure if they caused the damage - it could've been the bugs alone.

    Thanks everyone for reading.
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    It was probably those little green bugs but your in Brazil (I'm in Wisconsin in the U.S.A.) so who knows? I would keep it away from any other plants for a bit and keep a close eye on it. You might want to move it inside to a sunny window for a while so it can recover in peace and that would also aid in keeping an eye on things.

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