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Thread: Need help figuring out what Iím doing wrong with my D Regia

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    I think Humidity, at least for Regia, is overrated. I grew Regia during the winter in Colorado (only lived there for a few months) in an open room under T5s, and by the time I moved away they were looking better than when I brought them there. I don't remember the humidity I was measuring, but I know it was pretty low. It seemed the high light and the low temperatures were what it like.

    That being said, I've grown Regias for a long time and still struggle with sudden deaths when growing indoors. Sometimes they'll grow great and then suddenly decline. The crown will die, but some roots will survive and bring up new plants weeks or months later. Sometimes these will do fine, but other times it seems like the soil is no longer 'viable'. Since this has only seemed to happen with my indoor grown plants, my current ideas are its either fungal, lack of food, or maybe even an overlooked dormancy period.

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    I grew mine indoors and for the first couple years seemed to do well. After which they noticeably began to decline, randomly (not seasonally) dying down to roots and growing back smaller before dying down again. And taking longer to start growing again. Eight or nine years ago I moved them outdoors where the grow all year round. They've been thriving ever since, sending up offshoots - no flowers though. It would, seem as others have noted, that for long term growth this species likes a cooler/ cold season. It hasn't gotten cold or hot enough that the plants form a hibernaculum. Changing the media at least annually at most every two years seems to help too. And a good time to take root cuttings.
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    I'm glad to see someone with first-hand experience showing that the plant does indeed seem to require seasonal variation for long-term health. It's been my hypothesis for a while that both D. regia and Cephalotus have very similar environmental tolerances and seasonal requirements to Darlingtonia (though Darlingtonia are obviously more freeze-resistant.)

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