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Thread: Signs of germination

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    Signs of germination

    Good day all.
    I have finally received my (allegedly) D. Derbyensis seeds about a month ago, and am in the process of trying to germinate them. (Allegedly because, based on other posted descriptions of these seeds, they don't look like D. Derbyensis seeds.)
    Anywho, I've had them in the media for about a month, kept them moist, changed the water (distilled) every 2 to 4 days to keep it fresh, and am patiently waiting (not) for them to sprout.
    I know they can take a long time to actually germinate, but my question is are there signs that germination is getting closer?
    My seeds range from a light, melted milk chocolate color to a dark coffee, and the 3 that I have in have all developed lighter areas on the hull, all on the top, visible portion. The portion in the media shows no change.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    My best advice is to look for signs of greenness or bits of white. A hand lens can sometimes reveal a sprouting seed when it is all but invisible to the casual eye. There isn't a lot to see when the first of the root tip protrudes from the seed coat. I wish you success!
    - Mark

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