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Thread: Good species for a bog garden

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    Good species for a bog garden

    I'm getting ready to make a bog garden, and I've never really had success growing any drosera, so what's a species that might do well with VFTs and sarracenia? It needs to withstand the mild Wilammette Valley winter, because I'm not bringing an entire bog garden indoors lol. I currently have capensis in my cart but I wanted to make sure I was choosing a good option.
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    Species of sundews you can expect to do well in the Willamette Valley are pretty much the more common temperate species. A partial list would include - Drosera rotundifolia, D. filiformis and D. intermedia. It is worth considering that each of these species has forms that are more or less tolerant of cold winter conditions. D. capensis generally does o.k. here barring a severe winter. They will go dormant and not come up until late in the spring growing season when kept outside. Heavy frost/freezing/drying from winds may kill them if they are not already dormant. There is a registered cultivar called 'Portland Sunrise' that has ancestry including both D. filiformis and D. tracyi that is resistant to heavy winter cold. Good luck to you!

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    All the above as well as D. anglica (the temperate forms of course, not the Hawaiian forms) and actually many of the plants in the binata complex (particularly southern New Zealand binata forms and D. dichotoma) are good temperate bog plants.
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