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Thread: apartment living

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    I live in Central KY and my apartment is fairly warm & humid, being that it's June, and I seem to keep getting a steady stream of small flies/gnats that get inside from my A/C vent which are annoying. I got a window that gets a good 8 to 10 hrs of sunlight a day which I can put it near, but no plans for constant lighting or a terrarium.

    1)Would it be feasible to have a sundew in my apartment giving the temperature factor?
    2)If I do get it, could I leave it in the pot from or would I need to get a terrarium?

    I'm on a budget and can't afford to have a light running the whole night/day.


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    hmm..seems the conditions are great for a cape sundew or other subtropical drosera. Pft usually sell good plants in 3inch pots, but with most plants, they will get bigger and should be kept in a larger pot. Also, 8-10 hours of light is ALOT, maybe TOO much, 3 hours is great already. message me or email if you are in need of more info or whatever good luck-Zach
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