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Thread: D. botswana, D. slackii  & D. prolifera

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    Just got from a trade D. botswana & D. slackii and was wondering if any one had some advise as to what growing conditions they preferred? I am trying to figure out where in the grow room to place them.

    I got also got a D. prolifera which the savage garden states likes the same conditions as D. adelae ( not direct light and sphagnum). Advise on this one would also be appreciated.



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    Well, first off, there is no D. Botswana. This is likely to be Drosera madagascariensis "Botswana". Please change your label name on that one, and also note all the names after the species name are always lower case.

    Both D. madagascariensis and D. slackii are subtropical South African Drosera requiring:

    good light
    pure water via tray while in active growth
    40%+ humidity
    peat/sand mix 50/50
    above freezing temps
    Preferably cool nights

    Sometimes they have a rest type dormancy when dgrowth ceases and rosettes turn brown. I keep D. madagascariensis just in the same conditions as when growing when this happens. D. slackii I keep less wet if and when it dies back.

    D. prolifera did best for me in live milled LFS, kept just moist and at the ends of the light tubes.
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