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Thread: Sowing and growing dr linearis: please, advice wel

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    Hi everybody,

    I was lucky to get hold on a few drosera linearis seeds and wish to sow them.


    Well, I live 1000 metres above sealevel, in Swiss mountains. I guess our climate should be very suitable for dr linearis, but I don't really know how long I should stratify the seeds.

    How long and conditions of stratifications ? OUtside (temps are 10-15 daytime and 3-10 at night now in October) ?

    After 6 weeks in the cold humid, should I bring them back in (18-25C) to have them germinate ? and then after germination ? right back into the very cold (from late Nov to early April, approx 3/4 of the nights are far below 0C) ? or should I keep the seedlings inside for their first growing season ? Would inside temps not be too warm then ?

    Or should I rather wait with these seeds, dry, in the fridge till springtime (will they still be viable?) and start stratification in March, when days are quite longer, temps still cold but day temps above 0C ??

    Any advice will be most welcome and thank you already for any help?

    Regards from CH,


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    Hi Oliver,

    I have never grown this species, but if I were to try I believe I would place the seed in the freezer until December, and sow it then. Hopefully you will get germination and the seedlings will be established enough to harden off and put outside in the spring. Good luck with your efforts!
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