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  1. Av8tor1

    2014 TF calendars arrived

    Mine arrived just a few mins ago, Nice work Jon and Andrew, and nice pics all
  2. adnedarn

    TerraForums 2014 calendars available!

    Hello everyone! The 2014 TerraForums calendars are now available! I will be picking them up tomorrow and will begin being shipped out Saturday! When you buy one calendar it will be shipped USPS first class mail. Buy more than one calendar (ANY YEAR!) and they will be shipped using USPS...
  3. adnedarn

    2014 TerraForums calendar preview!

    Thanks all for your submissions and such. Congrats to those that got in the calendar, you get one for free! And thanks as always to amphirion, for his dedication to the job and doing the graphics work for all 4 calendars we've produced! :hail:
  4. adnedarn

    Terraforums 2014 calendar contest vote here!

    Hello all! Here will be the 2014 Calendar voting page. Again, thanks so much for those who participated and helped make this calendar a possibility. To those who have their photos found below: if you happen to disagree with the way how your photo was post-processed, please message me to let me...
  5. amphirion

    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    Hello folks, it's that time again. For those who participated last year either by voting or judging, you have our sincerest thanks for making our calendars as awesome as they are. This year, we will play the calendar contest via public vote from the get-go, you must follow these instructions...
  6. uphwiz

    2014 calendar

    Has anyone started pic collection thread yet ? . Will the pics be sent off to a private e-mail address for judging? . Have judges been chosen ? . Or will it be an opened to all members selection process this year? . sorry if i over looked a calendar thread ,:blush: I didnt see it, if it has...
  7. mcmcnair

    CCPS & CFCC 2014 Conference! (Ongoing Thread)

    The Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society and Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) in Wilmington, NC are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a conference next year! The majority of the proceeds will go toward funding the care and maintenance of the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden and...
  8. Not a Number

    "Supermoon" June 22-23, 2013

    On the astronomical event calendar we have another "Supermoon" - a full moon when the orbits of the Earth and Moon are at their closest approach (perigee). This won't happen again until August 2014. http://earthsky.org/tonight/is-biggest-and-closest-full-moon-on-june-23-2013-a-supermoon You...
  9. FloridaCP

    FloridaCP's growlist

    Hey everyone. I finally got around to typing up a list for you all. I'm pretty sure I got everything but not 100% sure. Also keep in mind I work in a greenhouse where we've got over 300 species of plants ranging from orchids, ferns, tropical fruits, cactus, ethnobotanicals and more. So if you're...
  10. mato

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Hi everyone, This weekend, DJ57 (Djoni), bluemax (Mark), and I will be meeting at a local pub/restaurant for a casual discussion about plants, TF, life, etc.. and would like anyone else in the area to join us, if possible. The three of us have already gotten together several times and feel that...
  11. rattler

    want proof.........

    the idiots in DC dont read the bills they pass?......this is just hilarious.......... http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/13/us/politics/13health.html Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers By ROBERT PEAR Published: April 12, 2010 WASHINGTON — It is often said that the new health care law...
  12. mcantrell

    Mark's Growlist (Twin Falls ID)

    "Colony Pots" -- pots with Multiple Plants Plastic: A 11" short plastic pot. Contains some D. Spatulata, a D. Capensis, a D. Madagascariensis, a bunch of D. Dichotoma 'Giant', 3 Pinguicula "Yucca Do 1713", and U. sandersonii 'blue'. D. Madagascariensis seed is in there but hasn't sprouted...
  13. Clint

    God's word

    I saw this at a Conservative's forum as a joke from a troll and I figured some of you would think it was funny, too. IT"S JUST A JOKE AND DON'T GET BENT OUT OF SHAPE but it is really funny (and totally true!) Hello everyone, I try daily to educate people regarding God's Law, but I'm...