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  1. summit

    Summit's Picture Thread

    Overview of the indoor setup, light is a 6 bulb t5ho with two 3500k bulbs and 4 6500k bulbs. Sorry for the focus issues in some photos, still learning with the new DSLR. I would love some tips... D. Aliciae D. Venusta (shipper folded the plant :rant:) D. Spatulata, I don't think I've...
  2. summit

    Maximum Wattage and Light Pollution

    My current grow area is 43"x22" and my light is a AgroBrite 2' 4 bulb t5ho. The issue I have now is 2' doesn't cut it anymore with how quickly everything is reproducing. I wanted to upgrade to a 4' but I wanted people's opinions on a 4 bulb or a 6 bulb, with the 6 bulb it totals at 324w and I...
  3. Ngantnier

    The rack.

    Here's my grow rack. Temps stay around 75 during the day and 55 at night, with 40 and 70% humidity respectively. Lit by an 8 tube 4 foot t5 HO system with 4 roseate and 4 6500k bulbs, a 4 tube 2ft T5HO with a 50/50 mix of 2700k and 6500k bulbs and 3 10w 3500k LED floodlights. Plants get 15-65k...
  4. Soopaman

    Questions regarding recent adjustments to subtropical/highlands terrarium

    Hey folks, just joined the forums though I have been lurking and reading people's threads for a while. I have had a subtropical/highlands terrarium set up in a 10g aquarium since July and everything has grown well without issue so far, excepting the venus flytrap (now dead) which doesn't do...