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  1. Sashoke

    Red Nepenthes?

    I have had this N. ventricosa (arist x thorelli) for a long time now, about 7-8 months. I originally got it from Paul as a generous gift, and when I first got it, it was green like its sibling. However during acclimation it soon turned cherry red, and I thought it was just horrible sunburn, as...
  2. hcarlton

    Nepenthes x hookeriana "green ampullaria parent" - No Longer Available

    Nepenthes x hookeriana "green ampullaria parent" Up for sale is the largest of my SG Nepenthes x hookeriana, produced from seeds of a N. ampullaria "green" plant. It is approximately 8-10" across, with pitchers reaching nearly 2" high. So far the color is pure green, but due to the light levels...
  3. Cthulhu138

    Tuberous Drosera

    After speaking with several members here among other growers, I have realized that there are more misconceptions about successfully growing these plants than I had thought. I wrote the care sheet below last year for the NECPS members to use as a guide for their cultivation and I hope that it can...
  4. ps3isawesome

    Faster growth after 30 days acclimation and pitcher thief

    Well I've had this plants for 30 days now. At first it was growing super slowly but I guess they were acclimating to the new environment. In the last few days, the growth has been phenomenal. Just wanted to share my excitement. Cephalotus Follicularis ( I love how new growths starts out as...
  5. C

    new arrival ep izumaei x red truncata

    generally I consider it bad luck to show pics of new arrivals before acclimation but I figure there aren't very many in circulation as ep sold out pretty quick and only a percentage went to the usa I assume. I didn't catch it all in the frame but it is a nice specimen so far....I just hope the...
  6. C

    What a sarracenia looks like when it is 'happy'

    I have a catsbaei that I received from a giveaway last june(2012) and later this year after I decided it was too big for the planter; I gave it it's own large pot and it began to transform. It went from making 3 or 4 pitchers to MAKING pitchers EVERYWHERE!!! Sarracenia are fast growers...
  7. Morpheus

    Sundew acclimation

    I just received two sundews in the mail and they're looking healthy but they don't have any dew. To my understanding this has something to do with transfer shock. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help them acclimate to my conditions faster. One of them is Drosera Capillaris and...
  8. Nepenthesis

    Why Sulking?

    I got a few new plants from trades an eBay. They came bare root and I potted them up. Within a day, they wilted. They were well watered, not drenching, not dry. They had the perfect amount of water in the medium. It is mostly sphagnum with some perlite mixed in. My conditions are fine, all 25...
  9. C

    quick q about winter dormancy on mexican pings

    I got one from a trade and after acclimation i am supposed to let it dry out for the succulent phase until the spring....my question is do I water it any at all? like maybe mist it every now and then?
  10. mass

    Recycle those plastics for CP use.

    I'll start with the most obvious.. empty milk jugs for RO water. Beanie Baby cubes & Lowe's death cubes. All drilled out and ready for use. They make great clear pots for cephs and regia, which have really long roots. Also going to be converting my tuberous dew collection to these pots...
  11. thez_yo

    My new babies! (pics)

    Today was an awesome day be cause I got plants in the mail from trades! Here are some of my new babies.. H. sp. Foothills Testigos, in a blanket of Sphagnum mosses (for humidity's sake for acclimation, and for rooting) Darlingtonia californica ..and potted up. It's a mess in there now...
  12. Listserv.org

    Cephalotus acclimation: a little worried

    Hi guys, I posted pics of my new ceph the other day. I noticed that some of the pitchers were turning slightly wrinkled and some new buds were turning a bit brown. I read on the internet that acclimation to a new climate is normal? I've been keeping the soil moist (no tray method because it...
  13. Clue

    Unanswered Questions on Neps

    A couple of questions come to mind that I've been wondering for a while... 1. Is there such a thing as a lowland plant that tolerates and grows well in minimal humidity without a lengthy acclimation process? I have never ever had a lowland plant do well for me (except hirsuta) because of my...
  14. Veronis

    N. Ventricosa - Lowe's death cube?

    I have a Ventricosa from a Lowe's death cube (botanical wonders ID'd it for me). It's out of the death cube, re-potted in equal parts peat, perlite, vermiculite, and orchid bark. It's currently in a large glass jar with saran wrap on the top with some holes in it, with a fan blowing over the...
  15. J

    Newbie Giveaway

    I've recently divided some plants so I'm putting together one "Newbie Giveaway" to anyone 16 years or younger. (It's my son's 16th birthday today, hence the 16). And they must only have the token plant or two or none. I'll send these potted, so there'll be no start up problems. They have been...
  16. SirKristoff

    some Baby Neps

    first, my splendiana x [(Veitchii x Maxima) x Veitchii] seedlings, i got the seeds a few months ago from our beloved Barracuda 45, who received em from tropics, these are only my largest ones which were ready to be moved to their new pot. The first ones germinated within a week and a half of...
  17. DrWurm

    New Cephs

    So just got these things today as a product of a slightly delayed NASC auction. They were more impressive than I was expecting. The pots look ever so slightly small, should I transplant them now or wait until spring? I have them outside under shade cloth, some of the older looking pitchers look...
  18. Clint

    Pitchers don't last. At all.

    Sup, peeps? I have a problem. My N. campanulata have settled in and are pitchers well, growing fast, and all is well... BUT the pitchers just aren't lasting. I have never encountered this problem, so I don't know how to address it. I feed twice a month. Half strength organic fertilizer. The...
  19. J

    Ph of 5.8 crude !

    (Whoops! 6.2 or so in the tank typoe) Alright I've had this Ph problem for awhile crushed seashells help but not enough I have like 6 Ph now,I'd like to raise it with the Kh any suggestions ? My smaller slower growing aquatic plants are suffering so I'd like to get it up higher since I think...
  20. Veronis

    VFT's from fluorescents to ~9 hours sun (acclimation)

    I've had my VFT's under fluorescents for about the last 3 weeks (since I got them). They're doing well, but they're overdue to be put outside for the season. I've had them on 16 hour fluorescent cycles, very close to the lights. I assume that they'll need some acclimation before I put them...