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  1. Cindy

    Nepenthes in March

    N. hirsuta - never a popular species in collections N.rafflesiana, N. ampullaria, N. kuchingensis, N. khasiana x viking, N. mirabilis var echinostoma New additions - N. lowii x campanulata, N. treubiana Youngsters - N. bentonei, N. adnata, N. longifolia N. rowanae (assorted forms) N...
  2. NepNut

    NepNut's Nepenthes

    NepNut's Nepenthes Growlist (Updated : 25 Mar 2010) Nepenthes Species N. adnata (BE) N. alata “Surigao” (MT) N. albomarginata "Cameron Highland" (MT), "Green", "Penang Red" & "Rubra" N. ampullaria - various varieties N. bellii “Green” , "Orange" N. benstonei N. bicalcarata “Orange”...
  3. Clint

    N. adnata for trade

    Hey guys, I've got an N. adnata that just isn't adapting well to the greenhouse. PM me if you'd like to make a trade. I'm not expecting much since it's not in perfect condition, and I don't think I can grow it in the conditions I can provide right now. Several common easy beginner plants would...
  4. Nitecrawler

    N. Rokko "Exotica"

    I have a cutting of my N. Rokko "Exotica" that I got from the NACPS auction that is sitting in a sphagy, peaty mix. Is there any interest in this as a trade for maybe another nepenthes cutting? The cutting is of the growing point and two other nodes. Right now, the only neps I have are: n...
  5. RL7836

    New Nep books

    This info came across the VCPS listserver & even though it comes across as blatant spam, anyone who has seen some of his other books & enjoys Nepenthes will cough up the bucks ... The email also had 21 beautiful color pics of Neps - however, I don't know how to share those pics w/o hosting each...
  6. mindmaze

    Joel's CP list

    Nepenthes N khasiana (male) N khasiana (female) N x Ventrata N northiana N phillipinensis N clipeata N campanulata N adnata N alata N gracilis "black" N burbidgeae N neoguineensis N bellii N thoreli N rafflesiana N albomarginata N sibuyanensis N merilliana N ampullaria N bicalcarata N eymae N...
  7. mindmaze

    looking for Ping esseriana

    Hello fellow forum members! It's Joel again here, and I am inquiring if any of the great members here has a Pinguicula esseriana plant available for trade. I seem to have lost mine somehow, and i really like this small species, especially when grown with Neps! :) If anyone has any available, I...
  8. P

    Looking for a lot of neps

    Well the time has come again where I make a huge list of stuff that I'm looking for. I realize that its probably going to be impossible to get my hands on some of these, but hey-ooooooo: LL/intermediate: adnata gracillima longifolia hirsuta/hispida mapuluensis masoalensis mindanaoensis...
  9. D_muscipula

    sympatric nepenthes setup.

    I learned a new word today.. sympatricsym·pat·ric (sm-ptrk)adj. Ecology Occupying the same or overlapping geographic areas without interbreeding. Used of populations of closely related species. I want to do a fancy nepenthes setup for my private collection and include a whole bunch of...
  10. Cindy

    Cool weather, high humidity

    Cool in Singapore means 75-77F. :blush: With natural light - some Neps are quite happy with the lower light intensity at my balcony The good old N. veitchii x campanulata. After giving me 12 flower stalks last year, this season it is pitchering. The peristome is bronze/red. Quite cool...
  11. Cindy

    N. adnata and N. sibuyanensis x hamata

    N. adnata The plant - barely 3" tall. The first pitcher formed in my conditions. N. sibuyanensis x hamata (BE) is pitchering! :drunk: There are two pitchers ballooning...I'll post more pics when they are fully developed.
  12. P

    looking for some harder to find LLs/intermediates

    This list is going to be long because I doubt I find more than 1 or 2 (if that lol), so... PM me if you have available: N. adnata, gracillima, longifolia, macrovulgaris, reinwardtiana (don't care what form) N. benstonei, viellardii, sumatrana, all lowland Philippine species except truncata And...
  13. D

    N. adnata: lowland or highland?

    Which is it? Wistuba lists it as a highlander, but Neps Around the House has it in the lowland section. Wikipedia says it's a lowlander, too. Right now, mine is right next to a hamata, to give you an idea of the conditions. It hasn't grown too quickly there. Time to move it somewhere else...
  14. Clint

    Looking for grade A N. viking and others

    The only US company I know of that sells them (Which won't be mentioned) will not reply to my multiple e mails, so I'm looking for a grade A viking. Please PM me Oh yeah, and since they come in grades i'd like a current picture if it's possible. If you have any N. campanulata or N. adnata...
  15. A

    AlexF grow list

    Here's my list, it has grown very fast recently and will take it's last fast growth in the next months as I receive a shippment from Wistuba. At the moment there are 71 species, plus 27 comming. Would love to post photos, but can't find a way to do so. Adnata Alata Albomarginata Ampularia...
  16. Finch

    What nep. species arnt in cultivation?

    I know theres quite a few species and all of u have limited space, but i know for a fact that some arnt in cultivation. i was wondering: wich ones? Also, out of curiosity,i was wondering if anyone had any of these threatened species, or even if they are found in cultivation (somewhat related...
  17. N

    Nepenthes species

    I have attempted to create a list of all the known and currently recognised species of Nepenthes.  Of course this list is by no means complete or even exhaustive, but it does give a rough idea of the number of species known.  Please let me know if I have missed any species out, or if you have...
  18. M

    Joel's growlist

    Nepenthes N. campanulata N. sanguinea N. philippinensis N. neoguineensis N. ventricosa N. pervillei N. thorelli N. belli N. gracilis N. eustachya N. khasiana N. bicalcarata N. macrovulgaris N. alata N. truncata N. ampullaria N. burbidgeae (seedlings) N. madagascariensis (seedlings) N...
  19. K

    K shaman

    Byblis B. liniflora                                                           Cephalotus follicularis C. follicularis                                                     Dionaea Muscipula D. muscipula                                                       D. muscipula Big Jaws F2  ...
  20. T

    Does anyone own any plants

    Nepenthes adnata Nepenthes anamensis Nepenthes aptera Nepenthes argentii Nepenthes bongso Nepenthes boschiana Nepenthes burbidgeae Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes copelandii Nepenthes danseri Nepenthes deaniana Nepenthes densiflora Nepenthes distillatoria Nepenthes dubia Nepenthes ephippiata...