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  1. J.Gennaro

    Cross Pollination Took!

    I tried cross pollinating some pings for the first time and it worked! Two out of the three flowers I pollinated are developing seed. The seeds will have the following parentage: Pinguicula ['Aphrodite' (agnata x moctezumae) x (laueana (CP2) x emarginata)-Vic's Clone] My iPhone wouldn't let me...
  2. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  3. J.Gennaro

    J.Gennaro's Grow List (Joe)

    Hello everyone, I decided to post my grow list. As you can see I am mostly into Nepenthes and tropical Pinguicula. I will add some pictures soon! Cephalotus follicularis Typical (seed grown) Hummer's Giant Vigorous Clumping Drosera: adelea 'Giant' burmannii 'Green' burmannii 'Humpty Doo'...
  4. bloks1995

    Bloks1995's growlist

    Personal Collection: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia Californica Heliamphora minor Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia x cateo Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes veitchii "Hose Mountains" Nepenthes truncata x maxima "mini" seedlings Nepenthes sanguinea Nepenthes x ventrata Nepenthes x miranda...
  5. P

    P. agnata red leave and P. laueana crimson flower

    I am looking for P. agnata red leave form and P. laueana crimson flower. I have extra plant of following for trade. Thank you! P. agnata true blue P. esseriana x emarginata P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba P. 'Apasionada' Happy growing! Patrick
  6. Axelrod12

    P. agnata "true blue" and P. cyclosecta

    This is a giveaway of P. agnata "True Blue" and P. cyclosecta for active and positive, contributing members of the forum. Let's say at least 100 posts and besides that I reserve the final say. The plants were started from cutting about 3 months ago, they aren't huge but in good shape. There...
  7. K

    VFT offset/rhizome split's for trade

    I have a few Venus fly traps that have just split or about to split off and ones that have split and been growing for some time that i have available to trade, sizes vary according to what type of vft they're coming from and how long they been growing as their own rooted plant in the pot. I...
  8. Axelrod12

    Pinguicula giveaway

    I have a couple mexican pinguicula for giveaway, P. ehlersiae and P. agnata "El Lobo". These are plants I started a couple months ago so they are still small, think dime sized, they've been growing nicely though. I might get pictures up at some point. You can enter both but if the same name...
  9. P

    Utric, Ping and Drosera for trade

    I just update my grow list (http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/136494-Patrickntd-Grow-list?highlight=patrickntd). and find some extra of the following plants for trade. D. x beleziana 'Nightmare' D. binata f. multifida f. extrema P. agnata x emarginata P. emarginata x agnata U...
  10. P

    Thank you giveaway

    To thank a number of members for their generous giveaway, I would like to giveaway some plants. U.S. only; everyone can only enter one list (A to E); winner will be picked at the end of this week using random.org; winners pay shipping via paypal. Any question, email me @ patrickntd@gmail.com...
  11. P

    Pinguicula agnata x emarginata (charlie $7)

    You are bidding for one P. agnata x emarginata hybrid ping (the largest one in the 2.5in pot in the first pic below). I obtained this ping 3 years ago from a CP grower. Winner pays shipping (USPS priority $6) via paypal. U.S. address only. The plant will be shipped bare-rooted. Winner may...
  12. S

    How hard is it ti grow these mexican pings?

    I live in Southern California in a zone 8. Santa Clarita, CA to be exact. I was interested in a few ping species and hybrids to see if I would have any problem growing them outside alongside Sarrs, vfts, and hardy dews year round. I am typically looking for pings that are very hardy like the...
  13. S

    Are any of these mexican pings difficult to grow?

    I live in Southern California in a zone 8. Santa Clarita, CA to be exact. I was interested in a few ping species and hybrids to see if I would have any problem growing them outside alongside Sarrs, vfts, and hardy dews year round. I am typically looking for pings that are very hardy like the...
  14. DroseraLover

    DroseraLover's Growlist

    Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula *It has ceased to be! (Dead)* Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" *It has also ceased to be! (Dead)* Drosera Drosera Adelae Drosera Adelae "Red Giant" Drosera Admirabilis Drosera Aliciae Drosera Binata var. Multifida Drosera Burmannii...
  15. ignis

    ignis grow list

    DIONEES -Dionea muscipula type PINGUICULAS -P. Agnata -P. agnata {El Lobo} -P. conzattii -P. cyclosecta -P. debbertiana white flower clone} -P. ehlersiae {Santa Catarina} -P. elehrsiae 'ascencion' -P. Elehrsiae (sp.Tolantonga ) -P. emarginata (red leaves, MW clone) -P. emarginata (red...
  16. D

    Various mexican pinguicula under sunblaster t5's

    Greetings! I have a whole collection of various mexican pinguicula growing under 7 x 4ft sunblaster t5's high output. They are about 8 inches above the plant canopy. The high output's are putting about 75-80 in temperature on the pinguicula. I notice on a few of my pings that the leaves are...
  17. D

    Pinguicula agnata "True Blue" Dormancy?

    Just wondering if my P. agnata "true blue" is going dormant. It's growing a lot of leaves but they are shorter and clumped together and not dropping down. They are currently under 5 x 4ft sunblaster t5's high output.
  18. J

    help with stratification

    So I've bin busy planting sundew seeds I have d. Intermedia P. Agnata. D. Filliformis how do I plant them
  19. Victoria

    Looking for Sarracenia and VFT's

    I am looking for some more Sarrs as well as some VFT's as I dont have any in my bog and I think they would be a nice addition. I can send pics upon request, just dont have time to upload them all right now. So....here is what I have for trade: P. gracilis x moctezumae P. agnata "true blue" P...
  20. BaseDrifter

    BaseDrifter's Grow List

    Updated 2/21/2015. Sarracenia S. alata - S. alata var. nigrapurpurea (Mike Wang) S. flava - S. flava var. rugelli x var. maxima - S. flava var. cuprea - S. flava var. rubricorpora (Liberty Co, FL) (various clones) (Mike Wang) - S. flava var. rubricorpora 'agristats' x var. ornata (Phil...