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  1. rattler


    i just recieved a package from.....well a friend up north..... lets call him "Tim" anyways my Utric collection just doubled in size. there were 10 Utrics in the package and ive only even heard of four of them and i need help. normally i would do research myself first BUT im leaving for...
  2. homer

    U. amethystina

    I don't see or hear much about U. amethystina, so I decided to take a few pictures the other day. This is about the best I can do with my 2.1 megapixel camera, so here it is.   -Homer
  3. homer

    S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana

    Okay, I have 1 S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana available for trade to anyone in the USA.  I'm looking for the following 2 species as a trade, but am not limited to them.  If you have anything spiffy to offer, I'm all ears. D. capensis "all red" and U. humboldtii Here's my current...
  4. D

    More pictures

    Here's a few more pictures... U. chrysantha U. graminifolia U. amethystina (white flower)