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  1. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  2. FloridaCP

    Any experience with U. arenaria

    Has anyone had any experience with growing Utricularia arenaria from seed? I know there's mixed reviews with starting Utrics from seed, but I have also heard that arenaria is a weedy species so perhaps it won't be much of an issue with this species. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  3. V

    tuco's grow list!

    canoinhas city, santa catarina state, brazil 26°10'38" south 50°23'24" west 765mts above sea level (köppen-geiger: Cfa) - adult plants: sarracenia - sarracenia alabamensis 'thornsby' CR - sarracenia alata 'red lid' desoto CR - sarracenia flava 'gold' CR - sarracenia flava 'red tube' JMP -...
  4. erick

    erick gronwlist nov 2011

    - Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Dionaea muscipula (Venus Atrapamoscas) - Droseras: * Aliciae * Anglica * Binata * Capensis (red) * Capensis alba * Rotundifolia * Scorpioides * Filiformis * Neo-caledonica * Adelae * Prolifera * Dielsiana * Burmanni(red) * Burmanni(alba) * intermedia * Pygmea *...
  5. M

    I have some seeds to trade

    I have some seeds to trade. I am looking for seeds of Nepenthes if possible. Thanks. I am harversting now the follow seeds: Drosera burmannii Drosera burmannii ´red Drosera burmannii´Hong Kong Drosera capensis Drosera spatulata Drosera filiformis Drosera filiformis ´red` Drosera intermedia...
  6. kulamauiman

    utricularia hitchhiker ID

    Any ideas? Compared with my other livida(s) this seems to be a bit on the small side. maybe 50% the size of the more common livida clones. But seems a bit bigger and more colorful than U .bisqumata. Any ideas on this hitchhiker? Utricularia arenaria (A.DC.) perhaps? MTF
  7. CN

    Neps for a number of Utric's

    Well i have put some thought in to this an was wanting to trade a few neps for a number of Utric's . I am Looking for Terrestrial ----------------------------- U. subulata U. graminifolia U. Tricolor U. praelonga U. prehensilis U. dichotoma U. alpina U. blanchetii U. Cornuta U...
  8. Lil Stinkpot

    Katie's List:

    Aldrovanda vesiculosa A. vesiculosa green tropical * Darlingtonia D. californica coastal* D. californica mountain Dionaea D. muscipula 'Dentate' D. muscipula SECC Green Swamp form Drosera D. admirabilis D. binata* D. burmanii green D. burmanii...
  9. CPBlake

    CPBlake's Growlist Fall 09

    Cephalotus follicularis Drosera regia schizandra prolifera adelae binata dichotoma dielsiana aliciae gigantea spatulata cuenifolia filiformis capensis Drosophyllum luscitanicum Heliamphora (see adnedarn growlist) Nepenthes ampullaria 'cantleys red' EP madagascarensis sanguinea rafflesiana...
  10. marcos_alc

    Looking for plants or seeds.

    Hello, dear friends. As I told you when I got into the forum, I'm from Brazil, and I'm restarting my cp colleciont, since I lost every plant I had some years ago. I'd like to find friends with available plants or seeds. At this moment I only have D. muscipula, D. capensis, D. burmannii, D...
  11. F

    Getting rid of Pings and Utrics.

    I'm looking to get rid of all my Pings and Utrics on my growlist as they just dont do anything for me anymore. They were fun for a bit but I just cant get into them. As for the Utrics I've seen some flower and that was the extent of it. Some of the pings are of flowering size, some have a...
  12. Ant

    More bug and plant pictures (no cps)

    Ok, so I have been playing with my camera and I decided to show what I thought was the best of the best. Bombus impatiens worker. Its actually getting off the flower in the picture but, it still looks cool! http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff291/antcatcher/random%20macro%20pics/026.jpg A...
  13. Jefforever

    Utricularia Starter Pack Nepfreak $25

    Up for bid is: 1 plug of U. dichotoma 1 plug of U. heterosepala An established tofu container of U. livida 1 seed pod of U. arenaria and a stolon as a back up, incase the seeds don't germinate. Ok, maybe a couple stolons, but I don't have that much. These are all prolific terrestrials, so if...
  14. Jefforever

    2 Months from Seed...

    Well, it's been a little over 2 months, by a couple/few days. I sowed some U. arenaria seeds back in Feb. and now they're flowering!!! I was shocked by their rate of growth, and the shape of their leaves. These guys' leaves are much pointier and longer than the parent plant's leaves. There...
  15. CN

    My Grow List

    = updated updated bump = My Grow List =============== Nepenthes =================== Ultra Highlander's =================== N. Rajah =================== Highlander's =================== N. Burbidgeae N. Densiflora N. Diatas N. Izumae N. Lowii N. Macfarlanei N. Mikeii N. Mira (Medium) N...
  16. Jefforever

    Need Utric ID

    :poke: - Calling All Utric Experts - :poke: I was told this plant was U. warburgii, but it doesn't look like one at ALL. ??? Maybe U. arenaria? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks people! (That's the tip of my index finger...) And just for fun...
  17. M

    Seeds for trade.(Drosera,Utricularia,Sarrac.)

    Hi everybody! I have to trade: D. intermedia D. spathulata D. burmanni D. filiformis D. spathulata ´T-off form` D. sp.´Belem` U. arenaria U. subulata Sarracenia mix( a mix of 5 hibrid with open polination) I am looking for any different CP seeds or seeds of S.purpurea and S.minor...
  18. M

    My grow/trade list (2008)

    Hi! everybody:banana2: This is my grow list. Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula ´ RED DRAGON` Dionaea muscipula ´ RED SHARK `= ´Red Piranha` Dionaea muscipula ´ GREEN SHARK`=´Sawtooth `...
  19. cristianblank

    CPs Seeds for trade

    I want trade some seeds, for other carnivorous plants seeds or tuber, only swap... i am interested in about anything that i don't have, so try me. I live in Brazil, but no have problems to send and receive seeds in letters.... at least for me... below is my seed list: Utricularia tricolor...
  20. Jefforever

    Jeff's Updated 2-12-07

    Jeff's Updated Growlist Utricularia: Orchidioides: Alpina "Pitter Moon Form" - Pyro Alpina - Pyro Alpina - Crystal --> Colieo Asplundii - Ice Dragon Quelchii "Mount Wei" - Jeff Quelchii x Humboldtii - Jeff Quelchii x Praetermissa - Jeff Iperua: Humboldtii - Rattler_mt Nelumbifolia - Jeff...